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Subcontract a Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Forego the training costs and the up time, get down to it now! Having a full time Black Belt on staff can be too expensive for some. You know you have an issue and you know it can be solved, but how.

QAI has a team of Master Black Belts available to help you and now. Plus you will have a 'Master' Black Belt not just a Black Belt graduate. There is a BIG difference. Who do you think teaches the Black Belts?

Plus, you'll get the backing of a quality company that is ISO9001 registered.

Total costs: $2000-$2500 per day plus travel costs

Travel Costs: With a nationwide staff, QAI is generally able to serve our customers needs for the lowest travel costs.


QAI is ISO9001 registered.

We don't just talk about it.

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