Claiming QAI FreeQuent Training Rewards:

QAI's Customer Service representatives can help you to redeem you QAI frequent training rewards point cards. .

The simple rules for sending your point cards to QAI:

1.  Rewards points can be used as full or partial payment for any QAI classes that are at least 14+ days from receipt of point rewards at QAI offices.  Point cards not valid towards the price of any event that includes late registration fees. 

2. Point cards must be physically received by QAI. Traceable shipping is required for your benefit. WARNING: DO NOT MAIL YOUR POINT CARDS IN A REGULAR PAPER ENVELOPE as the machines used by the postal service are highly likely to tear or destroy your letter.  QAI is not responsible for point cards that are not received at QAI. 

3. Once redeemed, point cards are non-refundable and will not be returned. 

5. Once redeemed, transfers or cancellations are not allowed.

6. If your class is cancelled by QAI, your seat of training will be automatically re-registered for the next session in the same city. Transfer or cancellation is not allowed.

Sorry, but there are no exceptions to the Simple Rules for claiming rewards points. 

The QAI Training Rewards distribution program ends December 2015.

QAI FreeQuent Training Rewards Point Cards never expire. But, QAI is no longer distributing the point cards.

How to claim free training now that the program has ended.

QAI will provide a $25 per card discount
towards the price of a training class to you for each point card that is received at QAI

Here's how to get your $25 per point card that you have in your possession now. :
1) Pre-register for the class that you want to attend by logging into the QAI website. 
2) Print the invoice and include a copy in the shipment of point cards to the QAI offices.
3) overnight ship your point cards to QAI's office along with the invoice
4) When the point cards arrive at our office, we will call you for a credit card to pay the remaining balance due.
5) Balance due is based on the balance due on the day that you make the final payment, not the day that the cards are shipped or received. The "Today's price" is always clearly displayed at the QAI website.

Please note:  QAI Offices are closed two times each year for extended Holiday or Summer break. Please verify that the office will be manned to receive your shipment if your point cards might arrive during either of those times.
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If you have questions or need assistance, please call our offices. We'll be happy to assist.


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