Ready for ISO9001-2015 and ISO14001-2015?

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ISO9001-2015 or ISO14001-2015 Champion 
This course is for systems managers investigating the new revision and that are starting to plot their transition needs.  This course is also the course needed by QMS and EMS Auditors that want to transition to ISO9001-2015 or ISO14001-2015 auditors.  Anyone that wants to get a thorough understanding of the new requirements, how it impacts their current ISO Management System, how risk analysis is pervasive throughout the new standard, how to deploy effective risk analysis methods, how the new high-level structure helps integrated systems, and learn to deploy an EMS or QMS that can be audited.  Available publicly and onsite.

ISO9001-2015 or ISO14001-2015 Internal Auditor  
Internal Auditors will need updated training under the new ISO Management Systems.  The many changes cause previously trained auditors to become obsolete.  If you have an assertive timetable to becoming registered to the updated management system and need newly trained internal auditors, QAI has you covered.  Available in public sessions all around the country and also as an onsite training class, now.  Call us so we can help you schedule an onsite training session. 

ISO9001-2015 or ISO14001-2015 Lead Auditor
This course is for those persons that want to audit entire business systems for conformance to requirements of the Standard. We'll cover all the bases in this course to help you assess yours, or other, ISO management systems.  Available publicly and onsite.

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