Ready for ISO9001-2015? 

ISO 9001-2015 Champion training 

Schedule an ISO9001-2015 transition and change
oriented training session for your management team. 
A 14-hour training session that can be scheduled to fit your work days.

Up to six people at your site  $ 6,000
Buy in May, schedule anytime
$ 8,500 regular price | Save $2,500

Up to 10 people at your site   $ 7,000
Buy in May, schedule anytime 

$ 10,000 regular price, Save $ 3,000

Includes a copy of the new ISO9001-2015 for each participant. 
Also includes QAI's awesome student workbook with helpful tips for managers and what auditor's will be looking for. 

Our price for onsite training includes instructor travel and living expenses for MOST USA locations. 

Make payment in May receive training anytime on mutually agreed schedule dates. 

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express accepted.
Register online or by phone 317.202.9000
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May sale:  Starts May 2, ends May 31: 

Save on

ONLINE TRAINING... on a desktop
                                             ... on a tablet
                                             ... on a smartphone

                                             .... on any schedule

Buy in May and save serious cash and time

Get a 6-pack of enrollment keys    | $200   
Get 6 online seats  
$ 600 regular price 
Buy in May for just $ 200     Click to buy the 6-pack    

Get a 10-pack of enrollment keys  | $250
Train 10 people online 
$ 1,000 regular price
Buy in May for just $ 250    Click to buy the 10-pack

Get a 25-pack of enrollment keys  | $500 
Train 25 people online 
$ 2,500 regular price 
Buy in May for just $ 500   Click to buy a 25-pack

Get a 100-pack of enrollment keys | $1,500  
Train 100 people online 
$ 10,000 regular price 
Buy in May for just $ 1,500  Click to buy the 100-pack

What are enrollment keys? 
The enrollment key is a special code generated by our system just for your order.  You can then forward a key to your chosen personnel.  That person can use the code to access - start receiving the training without being charged. 

Certificate of attainment for persons completing the training 
Each person that completes the training and passes the quizzes will receive a certificate of attainment that indicates that the person has received ISO9001-2015 Employee Awareness training.  The certificate further indicates that the person passed the quizzes and examinations associated with the ISO9001-2015 training.  The certificate is stored in a PDF format in the profile created by the student.  They can access the certificate anytime just by logging into the site.  They can forward a copy of the certificate to you or the appropriate person in the organization. 

Accessible anytime and on just about any device
The training itself will take less than an hour to complete.  This can be accomplished all in one sitting or a little at a time.  Your users can access this training on desktops, tablets, and even smart phones. 

Affordable too
You can get this training started for as low as $15 per person with purchases of 100 or more.  

Training course description

Visit the Products section of our site to learn more.  Or click here to go directly to the course description page

With QAI Training, you know it's good. Buy now.  Use now.  Start prepping your team to the changes coming in the ISO 9001-2015. 



QAI is ISO9001 registered.

We don't just talk about it.

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