Lean, Six Sigma and LSS Champion Training Course Length:  14 Hours

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Champion training for Six Sigma, Lean, and Lean Six Sigma

The Champion training course is designed to train the leaders within an organization about their role in the improvement process.  Learn what to expect and what not to expect. Champions play a crucial role in helping to institute change.



Who should attend: 
-  Executives : CEOs, presidents, vice presidents, business owners
-  Functional Leaders – heads of Operations, Engineering, Sales,
   Marketing, HR, Quality, Finance, and Product Managers

         P & L Leaders


         Anyone who will help make change happen

What Six Sigma, Lean and Lean Six Sigma is all about
-        Delivering business results – more profits, more sales
–        Step-by-step change/dramatic/exponential/mind-blowing improvement
–        Delighting customers
–        Being more competitive
–        Speed
–        Driving out waste
–        Predictable processes – squeezing out variation
–        Involving everyone in the business – employees, customers, suppliers
–        Creating a high performance culture
–        A system to make improvements in products and services – automatically & forever
–        Becoming objective and data-driven

What it is not about

–        Small changes and improvements
–        Business as usual
–        Another quality program
–        Fire fighting/quick fixes

Topics that will be discussed

         Prepare and motivate people

         Why implement Six Sigma, Lean, and Lean Six Sigma

         Reduce costs, increase speed, eliminate waste, reduce variation in all processes, improve customer satisfaction,

         Success stories, examples of business results (lots and lots of them)

         What is Six Sigma?

         Structure for solving business problems – both products and services

         -How Lean and Six Sigma become Lean Six Sigma

         How does this fit with strategic objectives and business