ISO14001-2004 Champion Course Length:  12 Hours

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ISO14001-2004 Internal Auditor

ISO14001 Champion
Day One: 8a-5p, Day Two: 8a-noon


·         The history of EMS and governmental regulations.

·         ISO14000 EMS Standard - detailed overview.

·         Specifications of the ISO14000 .

·         How EMS should function within the business.

·         Terms and definitions.

·         Aspects: What they are and how to identify them.

·         The EMS planning process:
- What are environmental aspects?
- Evaluating environmental aspects.
- Identifying legal and other requirements.

·         The role of top management in the in the EMS.

·         EMS Documentation requirements:
- The policy statement.
- Requirements of the EMS policy manual.
- Procedures and Documentation.
- Examining the requirements for organizational structure and responsibility.
- EMS training requirements.

·         EMS aspects:
 - What are they and how they affect your system.

This 12-hour course is the first 12-hours of a QAI lead auditor course without the auditor practice training. The class is streamlined and focused on increasing your knowledge and understanding in a fast-paced learning environment.


About the Course:


Champion training is designed for those team members that:

·         Will be responsible for the EMS system.

·         Will be responsible for maintenance of the EMS System.

·         Management representatives for the EMS program.

·         Those wanting to investigate implementing an ISO compliant EMS system.

Coverage includes a detailed review of the ISO14000 standard, understanding the external audit, and an overview of the documentation requirements of ISO14000. The course is lead with the guidance of certified auditors and course facilitators.


Course Agenda Day One

·         History of regulation and EMS.

·         Terms and definitions.

·         The ISO14000 EMS standard.

Course Agenda Day Two

·         System Requirements

·         EMS Aspects:
- What are they?
- How to identify them.
- How to rate them.
- How to Monitor them.
- How they affect the EMS system.

·         Documentation requirements:
- Creating a system that is auditable.
- The EMS Corrective Action System Examination.