ISO/TS 16949 Champion Course Length:  16 Hours

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Planning to transition to ISO/TS 16949? This is the course for you.

Who should take this course?

- Managers and Management Representatives that want to learn about the requirements of TS16949
- Supervisors and Managers that are new to the automotive industry
- QS9000 Champions that are in the transition process
- Anyone involved in the QMS transition process
- Previously trained QS9000 internal auditors, external auditors and Lead Auditors looking to upgrade their knowledge of the TS in order to upgrade their QMS auditing skills.
- Business owners and managers that are investigating doring business with the automotive industry that want to learn about the special QMS requirements of the industry.
- Persons on the move within the auto industry that want to improve their marketability.
- Anyone interested in learning about the auto industry.

The Course:

The Champion course was designed for persons that want to cover ISO /TS 16949 and it's significant differences in its entirety without getting into auditing practices. A complete detailed coverage of this new QMS system takes place at a comfortable and easily comprehensible pace.

This course includes a clause-by-clause discussion of all of the requirements of ISO /TS 16949:2002 including those requirements that were included in the QS9000 3rd Edition. The differences between QS9000 and TS16949 are included and highlighted in the student materials. Case studies and workshops help students to better understand how to implement and/or transition ISO /TS 16949.  The course includes a detailed overview of the third-party audit cycle:  when it starts, the timing, what to expect during your audit, and what happens in the event of a Major finding.  This is 16-hours well spent that will help you to make a smooth transition to ISO/TS 16949.


Course Hours: 8a-5p daily
Course Agenda:

Like all QAI courses, you'll have an internationally recognized auditor as your instructor. QAI's instructors for the automotive industry classes receive special TS training several times each year in order to make sure that our students get the most current information taught to them by persons that are more than just familiar with this tough, fast paced industry.  Our automotive industry courses are the best in the business.

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