OHS Internal Auditor training Course Length:  16 Hours

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OHS Internal Auditor Training

2-days, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.



·         To develop, know, and understand the purpose of an OHS  internal auditing system that is based on the ISO 19011 auditing guidelines.

·         Understand the Process Approach of Auditing.

·         Learn Process Auditing.

·         Learn to interpret ISO standards from an auditor's point of view.

·         Understand how to plan and prepare for an internal audits.

·         Understand how to construct effective audit checklists.  Help find the objective evidence needed to make internal audits work for your company rather than just find fault.

·         Understand that the audit checklist is just the starting point for an ISO process audit.

·         Learn what to look for in the company's documentation to help you audit.

·         Learn to follow the audit trail.

·         Learn how to write the audit report.

·         Learn how to be objective.

·         Discover how to discard non-objective evidence.

Students leave this course with hands-on auditing experience.

About the Course

This course includes hands-on practice process auditing exercises. It utilizes specially developed documentation designed by professional auditors to help students progressively  understand and learn to develop process audit skills.  

Students get the chance to practice auditing with other individuals with similar skill levels  in a controlled, classroom environment under the guidance of internationally certified auditors and course facilitators. 

Students leave this course with actual audit experience. They will have participated in six, fun and interactive mock audit scenarios staged by QAI course designers.  This is one of the best classes of its type available.  It is sixteen hours of fast-paced learning.  As with all QAI classes, it is taught by professional and internationally certified auditors. 
Course Agenda Day One

·         Introduction to the OHS system and guidelines.

·         The Process Approach.

·         Overview of the standard.

·         Process Auditing.

·         Class Size Case Studies.

·         Group Size Case Studies.

·         Designing an Audit System for Success.

·         Introduction to the Mechanics of Auditing.

·         How to Prepare for an audit.

·         Department Self Assessment (Students perform gap analysis).

·         Audit Checklist Development.

Course Agenda Day Two

·         Interview Techniques - how to ask open ended questions.

·         Opening Meeting - raising the audit to a professional level.

·         Perform Process Audits Mock Audits - 3 way practice sessions.

·         Prepare for Closing Meeting - How to summarize audit findings.

·         Presenting audit findings with supporting data in a professional manner.

·         Audit Report Writing and Distribution.

·         Discuss and describe how we learned that the clauses are linked.

·         Perform Second Process Audit Mock Audits - 3 way practice sessions.

·         Prepare for Closing Meeting.

·         Present Audit Findings - supporting the findings.

·         Course Review and Evaluations.