AS9100B Champion Course Length:  12 Hours

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AS9100B Champion

The AS9100 Champion class is designed for persons that have the extra time to spare to really learn the standard.  The pace is comfortable at 12-hours of training time.  The pace allows the students and the instructors the chance to engage and interact, to ask-and-answer questions in an environment that is conducive to a thorough understanding the intent of the updated AS 9101B standard.

Who Should Attend?

  • Management team members new to ISO and AS9100 
  • New managers and team members
  • Business owners and Managers investigating Aerospace markets for their business.
  • Internal and Lead Auditors that want to improve their understanding of this QMS standard.
  • Persons wanting to become familiar with the Aerospace QMS standard and it's requirements
  • EMS Auditors that want to learn about Quality Management Systems built specifically for the Aerospace Industry
  • Anyone wanting to learn more about this QMS

Course Hours:  Day One: 8a-5p, Day Two: 8a-noon

Course Objectives: 

  • Create successful graduates that have demonstrated competency in the area of Quality Management Systems.
  • Make students aware of the new structure of the standard.
  • Make students aware of the intent of the new changes and its new emphasis on customer satisfaction and processes.
  • Learn about the increased emphasis on top management commitment and responsibility.
  • Understand the process model used as the basis for the new standard.
  • Understand the affect on you, your business, and your QMS system.
  • Understand the eight Quality Management Principles on which the revision is based.
  • Understand the Planning and Documentation needs of the new standard in order to better plan for resource allocation.
  • Understand the objective evidence needed to show conformance and effectiveness of the Quality Management System
  • Highlighted discussion of the changes and additions to the ISO standard.

Course Agenda:

  • Brief history of Quality leading up to the ISO series of standards
  • Synopsis of the changes made at each revision level of the AS9101B standard
  • Understand the financial impact of an effective QMS and how to convert it into dollar and cents language that your management team can understand
  • A comfortably paced and detailed discussion of the clauses 4-8 that comprise the new AS 9101B standard
  • Detailed discussion of the changes and intent of changes 
  • Discussion of the process model 
  • Discussion and review of the eight quality management principles. 
  • Discussion of the required and 'Implied to be required' procedures. 
  • What auditors will look for? How the audit will be performed.
  • How to create best practice systems that represent the evolution of the QMS ISO9001:2000 and AS 9101B

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