Custom Blended - onsite Internal Auditor training Course Length:  24 Hours

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This class available as an onsite training class only

Available in combinations for: ISO14001, ISO45001, and many QMS systems like  AS9100, IATF 16949.

Possible combinations:
ISO9001-2015 with ISO14001-2015 (already available. See other course description)

ISO14001-2015 with AS9100-D
ISO14001-2015 with IATF 16949 (4-day session add $4500)

Each training session will include an 8-hour process audit training module with mock audit - practice audits session.  Any IATF 16949 session will also include an additional day spent on auidting core tools.

Course configurations of 2 day - to - 5 days can be customized. . 

Online pricing is for two combined systems with a 2-day course length.
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Many organizations find that having qualified and effective auditors that can follow the process audit trail in more than more management system is an invaluable asset.  Resources are more ffectively utilized.  Feedback about system interaction is improved so that the systems don't operate independent of each other. Improvements in one area don't create a negative impact in another area.  Internal Auditor feedback is essential to the success of the system. 

This class helps auditors to recognize the benefits of integrated systems by demonstrating how the ISO Management Systems can work together effectively as integrated Management Systems. In addition to pictorially representing the basic hierarchies of the ISO approaches, this class describes in detail the resource issues so that organizations can reduce redundancy and achieve best cost approaches. 

QAI's classic 'make feedback mean dollars' approach helps to put it all in perspective for managers and in a language that even business neophites can understand: competitiveness and profitability. 

If you're company has one or more  Management Systems in place now this class may help you to get additional management commitment and buy-in by facilitating improved feedback about all systems. 

If you're organization already has more than one ISO Management System in place and they tend to function like separate entities, eating up value resources and working independent of each other.  This training class can auditors understand combined systems auditing and help your get on the pathway to a cohesive integrated systems approach. 

As always, you'll get expert instruction and direction by one of our many certified auditors and qualified instructors. 

This customized training is available only as an onsite class.