pFMEA -- onsite Course Length:  8 Hours

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pFMEA -- onsite

1 Day, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Course Objectives:

·         Learn how you can use FMEA to help you:
- Analyze manufacturing and assembly processes.
- Analyze machinery and equipment design before they are purchased.

·         Learn how FMEA:
- Improves the quality, reliability, and safety of products.
- Improves company image and competitiveness.
- Increases customer satisfaction.
- Reduces product development timing and cost.
- Documents and tracks action taken to reduce risk.

About the Course

This is a one-day, eight hour overview course. FMEA is a systematic approach that identifies potential failure modes in a system, product, or manufacturing/assembly operation caused by either design or manufacturing/assembly process deficiencies. 

FMEA  also identifies critical or significant design or process characteristics that require special controls to prevent or detect failure modes. FMEA is a tool used to prevent problems from occurring. In addition, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recognized FMEA as a design verification method for Drugs and Medical Devices.(21 CFR §820).

Facilitation of Quality disciplines such as FMEA can greatly reduce the overall time necessary to capture information necessary to assess the risk of each process step failure mode. Once risk has been determined, an action may be necessary to reduce risk by preventing or reducing its occurrence.

Our Trainers are experts:

If planning for the manufacture of quality finished products at the lowest costs, FMEA is a process to investigate.

A facilitator's role is to drive the team through the process and to sort the insignificant input from those inputs that affect customer expectations, experience, and/or safety. They also assure the appropriate information is placed in the current position on the FMEA form, eliminating a common complaint which is associated with where input is placed on the form. The facilitator must be an expert in the FMEA methodologies to optimize the time benefits.



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