QMS Process Auditing and Leading Audit Teams Course Length:  20 Hours

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Process Auditing and Leading Audit Teams 
24-hour/ 3- day training course

Successful graduates of a QAI Champion course may be able to qualify as a Lead Auditor by successfully completing this course.  This is an RABQSA certified course.  Successful graduates of this course will attain competency units in the modules of AU (Auditing) and TL (Team Leadership).

Course pre-requisite:  familiarity with the ISO9001:2000 standard

Are you already familiar with ISO9001:2000? 

Have you been living and breathing ISO9001 longer than you care to admit?   

Are you looking for audit training that is focused on auditing and doesn't waste hours of your valuable time on an ISO standard? 

Are you looking to receive training competency credits in the AU and/or TL Modules?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above and you're looking for how-to-audit training then this is the class for you.

Ever notice that when it comes to audit training that all of the training classes are focused on the standard?  Look around at the training companies and their rosters and it always seems like some ISO standard and audit training are inseparable.  Not any more.  QAI is listening to you! 

Auditing is auditing is auditing when it comes down to it.  Now, QAI brings it out in the open and teaches what some people really want to learn: just auditing.

In this 3-day class you'll learn:

We'll use a series of progressive learning activities that help each student to know and understand how to be an effective auditor. These course segments and activities include:

Many times, auditors serve as a member of a team.  If you've ever been a member of a team, you know how interesting things can get then.  And, leading a team of auditors presents its own series of challenges. 

This course includes discussions of group dynamics and supports the discussion with some fun and challenging group activities.  You'll participate in activities with classmates that help illustrate common problems that occur when people work in groups. We'll present some techniques and management strategies that will make students better team members and team leaders.

A significant portion of class time is spent in activities based sessions. You'll learn by doing in this class.  Your successful completion of the class will mean that you walk out of this class with real-life auditing experience.  This isn't just talk and lecture. So, if you're looking to jump in, get your feet wet, roll up your shirt sleeves and really learn how to become a more effective auditor, audit team member, and maybe even a leader of audit teams then what are waiting for?  On top of it all, you'll probably even have fun while you learn some things about yourself in this challenging class.

As always with QAI, you'll be taught by our internationally recognized trainers.  You'll have people that have been there and done that (and are still doing that) when it comes to auditing.  Our trainers not only meet those criteria but they're graded on their enthusiasm, energy, wit, and energy level at every training class.  We've got the best trainers available on this particular planet (QAI currently does training only on this planet). 

This class also happens to be accredited by the RABQSA.  Successful graduates will earn training competency units AU (auditing) and TL (Team Leadership).  

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