Onsite Audit Services Course Length:  8 Hours

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   Cost Per Attendee Before Discounts:     Public Price: $3,000.00
   Pay for Three persons in a class and the Fourth person is free
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   Onsite Training   Conduct training at your site for six to one hundred
   Train Six Persons at your site for $3,000.00
   Train Ten Persons at your site for $3,000.00
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Interested in outsourcing your internal audits for your company? 
For many companies, subbing this task out is not only cost effective but it yields better results.

Could you use a fresh look at your system from a new set of eyes?

An outsider perspective is sometimes all that is needed to get your QMS on track or back-on-track. 

Our team of trainers and auditors all meet international requirements for performing complete system audits.  So, you won't be left holding a bag of goods at your next external audit.

Get more than just an audit: Get advice. Since we don't provide certifcation audits, we can do more than just audit.  Our experts have each done hundreds of audits.  We can show you simple, common solutions to a variety of system problems.

Call us at 317.202.9000 .  One of our sales people can help you size up the task and put a firm price in your hands within just a few minutes.  Our rapid onsite job scheduling system means we can be there in just about as fast as you need us. 

Give us a try.  You'll never go back.

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