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About the Course

 AS9100c Lead Auditor training in four days.  

QAI has taught thousands of people how to be effective auditors, audit  team members, and audit team leaders.  Our successful pass-fail rate of over 99% proves that point.  Without changing anything but course timing, QAI brings you lead auditor training in 32 hours and students, bosses, and company budgets across the country are loving it. 

About the course:

Led by energetic, enthusiastic, and experienced internationally certified auditors you'll get more than just a pretty face at all QAI training sessions. Designed as a competency based training class, you can forget about the 'boot camp' days of lead auditor training: this class runs 8a-5p each day.  No long nights with mounds of homework.  Come see how competency based training is different.

In this QMS Lead Auditor course, you get real-world, professional know-how partnered with outstanding training materials.  A handsome, durable, and professionally prepared student book will display smartly and unmistakably and will serve you nicely in your reference section for years to come. Finally, you get the support of an ISO9001 registered training company. 

With multiple, progressive learning approaches including hands-on practice auditing, our QMS Lead Auditor training course prepare graduates to become proficient and professional QMS auditors. 

The course includes a complete and thorough review of the AS9100 standard including a look back at the history of quality leading up to the current QMS system.  Our big picture course section helps cement the financial side of the QMS and helps students to best understand how a QMS really works ($$).

Lecture topics will include implementation and documentation strategies and methods. Workshop activities are designed to strengthen your ability to assess a QMS system and its compliance to the standard.

Group case studies with mock auditing reinforce the learning process and help to familiarize you with process auditing. The course is designed around an actual case study of a facility and its’ Quality Management Systems. Students end the course conducting an assessment of the case study facility and making a recommendation on registration. 

Under the new competency requirements program, we administer examinations throughout the course so that you get feedback right away and throughout the course about how well you are doing.   When you leave this course you will already know if you have passed the course: no more waiting for results of a final examination like the old boot camp days of Lead Auditor training. 

If you're in line to take a lead auditor training class, you're really going to like the new competency based training format used by QAI in all of our Lead Auditor training classes.  This format helps ensure that the entire class is progressing, understanding, and comprehending the material using competency based skills testing at various points throughout the class.  We've taught thousands of persons using this format.  Students like this format because they know if they have passed when they leave the class not weeks later.  Instructors like this format because they get feedback along the way about how well they are doing in transferring critical knowledge.  It is a blend that works for everyone.

Successful completion of training: Students that successfully complete this course will pass a series of competency assessments, evaluations, and examinations. Students that pass the competency evaluation will receive a successful completion certificate from QAI.  QAI began teaching process auditing methods in the previous century. All of our training courses include process auditing training. In 2006 QAI moved to competency based training assessment and away from the traditional test-only based, quaification style of training methods.  Registrants should ascertain whether their organization is using process auditing techniques yet.  QAI is not involved in the personnel certifcation business and offers this training for the benefit of the student to learn modern techniques and practices for the auditing of Quality Management Systems. Revision C training is just for those persons that want to know what is coming.  Many certification bodies and personnel certification bodies still only accept revision B level training.  QAI offers this training to only rev c for those persons that are planning ahead.

Course Hours:  Four days 8a- 5p

Course Objectives:

  • Create competent lead auditors of an AS9100 QMS
  • Help students understand and to interpret the AS9100 from an auditors perspective
  • Help students to design systems and to improve systems such that they fit into the 'big picture' of financial business planning
  • To aid students in developing good auditing work habits so that they can become good, impartial auditors for the workplace
  • Help students become integral members of their management team
  • Help students understand the need for competent audits to be performed in the market
  • Help students help other to continually improve their QMS
  • Help students to competently assess a complete AS9100 QMS for conformance to requirements
  • Help students to write good, objective audit reports that aid in making effective corrective actions on a system
  • To make students into professionals
  • To make professionals better
  • You will get great training, a professional and certified auditor as an  instructor, an outstanding student reference guide/workbook, and sales and service from an ISO9001 registered company. And you get all of this at an unbelievable price if you can plan ahead and pay ahead with QAI.

    This course is not affiliated with the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG)  auditor training or accreditation program.  This is an QMS Lead Auditor Training Course led by QAI’s expert staff of professional, certified QMS Auditors.

  • Management Representatives

  • Supplier Quality Auditors

  • Internal Auditors desiring to improve their qualifications

  • Management team member

  • Internal Lead Auditors for Aerospace Suppliers

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"Great relationship/great book valuable resource."

"Bob was very understanding and taught well with in my knowledge. He was very helpful when I needed extra information. Excellent instructor!"
-Bill Tanski , Truline Industries, Inc. , Jul 10 2014

"Very thorough overview of the standard, its requirements, items not required by the standard, and a thorough overview of methodology to audit the standard effectively from a Lead Auditor perspective. The instructor provided an exceptional learning environment for all students with various levels of experience within the standard."
-Paul Cloues , APT Research , Oct 4 2013

"Bob is an excellent instructor. I would recommend QAI to all of my peers, suppliers, and acquaintances."
-Johnny Barnes , BAE Systems , Oct 4 2013

"Bob is a great subject matter expert from his years of experience coupled with his audit expertise make his advice relevant."
-Peggy Rooney , Bostik, Inc, , Oct 4 2013

"QAI has always been wonderful. Bob is a home run. What a wonderful man."
-Kathy Harvey , Raytheon , Oct 4 2013

"Everything was clear and the book will be a good future reference."
-Susan D. Fuente , Evonik Foams, Inc. , May 21 2013

"I am glad that we covered AS9100C. I have a better understanding which will help me do my job better. Thanks."
-Beryl Brown , Parker-Hannifin , May 21 2013

"The process approach to auditing section was valuable. I have a lot of ideas to take home."
-Bill Schall , Howard Tool , Apr 8 2013

"I liked the no homework format: it saved the stress of having to work all night on it!"
-Amy Onderlinde , Parker-Hannifin , Apr 8 2013

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