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About the Course

An eight-hour course specifically targeted at process auditing using industry suggested techniques including COPs, MOPs, Turtle Diagrams, and other common approaches to process auditing.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone involved with a TS16949 QMS
  • Auditors looking to enhance their skills as QMS Audtors
  • Persons interested in learning how to audit using industry suggested methods
  • QS9000 auditors looking to improve their skills
  • TS Internal Auditors that are seeking to improve process auditing skills
  • TS Lead Auditors that are seeking to improve process auditing skills
  • Persons that might be on the 'receiving end' of a TS audit that want to improve their responses during audits
  • Managers and supervisors that are new to the Auto Industry
  • Anyone seeking to improve their knowledge of TS16949


Understanding Process Auditing and performing process auditing is at the core of the Quality Management Systems standard of ISO/ST16949:2002.  This eight-hour training session requires that the user is already familiar with the TS specification requirements as we will launch directly into the process model and begin discovering how to use the input-and-output process that is at the core of process auditing, the ISO19011 auditing guidelines, and all Quality Management System standards, like TS16949.

A mock auditing simulation is carried out in the class using sample documentation. The class covers the fundamentals of a overall management system so that students can understand how a process may lead from one department to another and how inputs in one area will lead to inputs in another functional area.

Time management concepts are covered so as to optimize the discovery process in the classroom and as a professional auditor. Learning how to audit a non-documented process is covered so that auditors can learn to audit the 'implied to be required' procedures that exist in TS16949.

Students leave with practical knowledge and actual experience in process auditing. Students will have particpated in 2-4 practice audit simulations during the class. 

Guidance is provided by our always helpful and experienced staff of instructors each of whom is internationally certified as a QMS auditor.


  • Understand how process, system and management are connected
  • Know how processes and procedures are linked
  • Know how the TS16949 clauses are tied to processes
  • Understand how processes form a information chain
  • Understand how the support activities are integrated into processes
  • Learn how to plan and prepare for a process audit
  • Learn how to follow the process flow while performing the audit
  • Learn what to look for during a process audit even when the process is not documented
  • Understand how to evaluate the quality system through process audits
  • Learn how to report a process audit
  • Learn how to use industry suggested methods/tools for performing process audits (COPs, MOPS, Turtle Diagrams, etc)

Agenda: 8am - 5p

-The Process Model of TS61949
-Understanding Process, System and Management
-Process Auditing Planning
-Process Auditing
-Assessment Activity
-Process Audit Reporting
-Practice auditing is incorporated into class activities 
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