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About the Course

Six Sigma programs work to:
- increase customer satisfaction
- reduce costs
- create efficiencies
- improve yield rates
- increase quality

Typical Six Sigma training programs consist of one of more Black Belt practitioners guiding Green Belts to successful project completions.  Black Belts receive extra training in use of statistical analytical tools along with project management.

The QAI Black Belt Course Description 
  Eight total training days in two, four-day training sessions. 

Pre-requisite: QAI Green Belt certification or equivalent

Picking up where Green Belt training leaves off, the QAI Black Belt training class you'll learn the Six Sigma DMAIC in an intense two-week training environment.

You  will apply your knowledge to a project at your facility and you'll be guided all along the way by support from your classmates and our Master Black Belt instructor. 

You'll begin to save/make money for your company before you even complete the course.

Week one starts with four days of high level statistical analysis using the software tool of your choice. Each of the phases of the DMAIC model including basic problem solving is covered at a fundamental understanding level.  Software and a laptop are needed during this and each subsequent training session. Students may use any statistical software that they prefer, however, class examples will be based on the use of MiniTab software. Students learn how the DMAIC model works and how they will apply DMAIC to each project. As the week concludes, students return to their organization to begin applying concepts learned so that they can prepare for the second week of Six Sigma training. 

Week two is usually 3-6 weeks after week one.  

Four more days of training during week two, simulation and activities are used to help move the Black Belt student through the identified project and direct them to new areas and variables to consider during the running project. During the four days of training in the third week, candidates will begin focusing on their project for cost returns.  Design of Experiments tools are taught and described in detail to help the student to include highest level analysis for this project.  Students will test their ideas in class and will utilize classroom time to test ideas with student peers.
Week Two : Four days of training includes more detailed analysis, team dynamics, project management summarized by a final presentation of successful results. 

About the instructor and the course:
Students will learn from Master or senior Black Belt instructors.

Graduates of the course will have developed, implemented, analyzed and improved a successful Black Belt project generating a positive return for their employer in the range of $25,000-$200,000 or more.   Certificates are issued to candidates that demonstrate satisfactory proficiency in the classroom, as a member of a team, as a leader, demonstration of a project with positive payback or measurable improved customer satisfaction within six months of course end date, and by achieve a passing score on final examination.    

Necessary Tools:
Students will require use of a personal laptop PC.  No specific type of software is required for this class but students should have at least one type of software to use for making sophisticated statistical calculations (example: a product like or similar to Mini-Tab ($1195) software or QI Macros ($129)). The course includes a short section on using Mini-Tab.

 Typical Cost savings and improvement analysis associated to Six Sigma

Example:  Long-term, competitive analysis tell us that the we can either move all labor intensive processes off-shore or we can begin to combat those costs now.  Six sigma is our tool of choice.

Example: What is 1%-5% of total sales at your organization? Annual cost savings realized by successful Six Sigma programs will commonly deliver 1%-5% of the top line to your bottom-line.  What company couldn't benefit from that? 

Example: What is 7% of net profits at your company?  Given proper training, management commitment, and resource availability a Six Sigma Black Belt can be expected to reduce costs by 7% of current net profits and, therefore, enhance profits by an amount equal to at least 7% of current company profits.  That is PURE PROFIT going back into the company coffers.  Would that amount of profit pay for your training dollars investment in this course? You know it

  • Persons seeking to improve their problem solving skills
  • Project managers
  • Engineering & Quality personnel
  • Quality Engineers
  • Quality Analysts
  • Customer liasons
  • Statisticians
  • Those persons in an organization that are entrusted with resources to solve big problems and institute change
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www.TrainingForQuality.com QAI Training LLC
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