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ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditor

This class combines these two similarly structured standards into one 5-day training session.  By checking out the schedules for this training alternative, you might find an alternative class that better fits your needs.

ISO14001-2004 EMS Lead Auditor-Certified QAI Training LLC
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About the Course

ISO14001 EMS Lead Auditor-CERTIFIED

8 a.m. -5 p.m. daily


ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Training WITH 3rd party certification

Certified training: Yes or No?  The choice is up to you.
In over thirteen years of providing certified lead auditor training courses, we’ve changed our courses dramatically to match the changing needs of our customers and the improved versions of ISO Management Systems. Twenty five years after ISO9000 system was first introduced and fifteen years after the first version of the ISO14001 standard, a lot of people want lead auditor training but do not intend on changing careers to become a professional auditor. Now you have choices based on your own needs. 

Some customers have asked why they have to pay the extra money for a certified training course if they don’t intend to pay the annual dues to join the organization and become a certified auditor?" We now offer options.

We offer the same side-by-side schedules in cities all over the USA. The training is exactly the same whether you register for the certified version of the course or the QAI version.  You will receive the same competency evaluation processes.  You will receive an attendance certificate. You can earn a certificate of successful competency completion to demonstrate that you have passed a competency evaluation by QAI. 

What is the difference?

The cost: the certified version costs a little more.  If you want the price of your training to include third-party certification then all you have to do is pay the extra charge. If you want lead auditor training and need a competency evaluation but don’t intend to pay annual dues to join a certification bureau, then save yourself a couple dollars by registering for our non-certified version. 

As for the service that QAI will provide to you at the session that you choose, the training is exactly the same: same schedules, same cities, same instructor, same materials, same great workbook and the same classroom.  The dollar decision choice is up to you.  We’ll provide the same great training either way.


About the course:

Since 1999, QAI has taught tens of thousands of people to be effective auditors, audit team members, and audit team leaders.  Our successful pass-fail rate of over 98% proves that point.   

In 2006, QAI paved the way for a Lead Auditor training class that matches the normal working hours that adults are accustomed to working. In the past, cramming in an outdated style of "brain dump training" culminated with the results of a 2-hour exam on day five was the norm.

In the QAI Competency Based Lead Auditor training session,  students get four days of 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. instruction. There is "hands-on" activities and practice. This, along with multimedia and high tech video training techniques - make training enjoyable, easy to learn, fast, and fun. Results that are measurable. 

Competency based training includes multiple examination activities that take place several times each day. Students receive feedback and guidance in each examination activity.  The feedback and guidance help make certain that students not only understand the material, but are able to apply it in their job.  These multiple examinations help instructors assure that a student understands and grasps the material. Instructors can then provide guidance to help the student understand any gaps that may not have been closed to that point.  Reassessing and re-guiding from an instructor with "real world" experiences helps to improve confidence in abilities, helps in applying the newly learned information, and improves competency.

With energetic, enthusiastic, and experienced internationally certified auditors as instructors, students get more than "slide readers" at all QAI training sessions. In this QAI Lead Auditor course, students get real-world, professional know-how partnered with outstanding training materials.  A handsome, durable, and professionally prepared student book will display well. It will serve  nicely as a reference for years to come. Additionally, receiving the support of an ISO9001 registered training company is a great bonus. 

With multiple, progressive learning approaches, including hands-on practice auditing, our EMS Lead Auditor training course prepares graduates to become proficient and professional EMS auditors. 

The course includes a complete and thorough review of the ISO14001 standard. It includes a look back at the history of environmental movements that have led to the current standardized approach of the ISO14001 system. 

The workshop includes a special section for identifying Environmental Aspects and ranking and identifying their potential impact. We’ll describe what is required, what to include, how to maintain them, what auditors will look for, and what internal auditors should look for.  This session includes a practical recommendation for a means to easily facilitate and accomplish this process using well industry tools.

Lecture topics will include implementation and documentation strategies and methods. Workshop activities are designed to strengthen the ability to assess a complete EMS system and its conformance to the standard.

Group case studies with mock auditing, reinforce the learning process and help to familiarize students with process auditing. The course is designed around an actual case study of a facility and its’ Environmental Management System. Students end the course conducting an assessment of the case study facility and making a recommendation on registration. 

Under the new competency requirements program, instructors administer examinations throughout the course so that students get immediate feedback on how well they are doing.   When students leave this course they already know if they have passed the course. There is no more waiting for results of a final examination like the old boot camp days of Lead Auditor training.   Instructors like this format because they get feedback along the way about how well they are transferring critical knowledge.  It is a blend that works for everyone.

We've taught tens of thousands using this format. If you're in line to take a lead auditor training class, you're really going to like the new competency based training format used by QAI in all of our Lead Auditor training courses. 


·         Persons performing Environmental Management Systems Audits

·         Persons interested in becoming an EMS auditor

·         Management Representatives

·         EMS Team Members and Stakeholder

·         Managers and Business Owners

·         People investigating ISO140001 for their organization

·         Supplier auditors

·         Auditors that want to expand their audit scope to include EMS audits

·         Persons entrusted to investigate or implement ISO14001

·         People in organizations that are seeking to meet compliance obligations by having a 3rd party certified system

·         Persons interested in learning about Process Auditing

·         People that are seeking avenues to grow within their organization

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"This instructor - a very knowledgeable and kind person! People might get slightly intimidated due to his accent, but I understood him and thoroughly enjoyed the class. I was hoping for a bit more discussion of the case studies. I understand the constraint on time, but I enjoyed those activities most in the class and hoped for more activities like them."
-Alisa Hamilton , Nov 19 2015

"Dinesh did a wonderful job! Easy to follow and forces you to think through the process through your and other classmates' responses/experiences."
-Nathan Long , Nov 19 2015

"The training was helpful and contained useful information. There were times that appeared hard to follow along with or to understand. This is my second class with QAI and overall was satisfied. "
-Mandy Jackson , Nov 19 2015

"Instructor keeps the class interesting while concentrating on the needs of the least experienced as well as the experienced."
-Charles King , Nov 19 2015

"Jackie showed a great knowledge of the auditing process which I will take back and apply to my auditing."
-Jeff Pendley , Nov 19 2015

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QAI is ISO9001 registered.

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