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ISO14001 Introduction and Overview
www.TrainingForQuality.com QAI Training LLC
5665 N. Post Road Suite 200
Indianapolis, IN 46216

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Course Hours: 8      

About the Course

ISO14001 Introduction and Overview

 8 Hours, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m


Course Objectives:

·         Learn how ISO14000 came about and its intent.
- It is flexible and non prescriptive.

·          Learn how to interpret the ISO14000 requirements.
- If you're familiar with terms and structure of ISO9000 you'll readily grasp

·         Understand how ISO14000 fits inside your company.
- How to utilize existing environmental programs and systems to make
   implementation easiest.

·         Understand how documentation works inside companies.
- How to make the most flexible systems for your company.

·         Learn about Corrective and Preventive Action.
- ISO14000 pushes continual improvement.
- Make it an advantage for your company.

·         Learn what is necessary to be successful in being ISO14000 compliant.
- How to make ISO14000 work for your company and your industry.

·         Learn how ISO14000 co-exists and relates to your Quality Management systems
- ISO14000 can provide a substantial market advantage for your company in
  many ways.

About the Course:
This one day, eight hour course is designed both as an Introduction to ISO14001 and as a Management Overview for ISO14001

ISO 14001 is a voluntary and emerging standard for Environmental Management Systems. It was based upon the ISO 9000 family of specifications. You'll learn how and why ISO14000 can become a significant marketplace advantage for your company. ISO14000 encourages cost saving by integrating environmental requirements into the overall company systems including design and manufacturing.

Course Outline:

Introductions and Course Objectives

·         The creation of ISO14000 and how it evolved from earlier Environmental programs.

·         Review of ISO14000 Clauses.

·         ISO14000 Case Studies.

·          ISO14000 and Your Company.

·         Linkages between the ISO14000 clauses and QMS clauses.

·         Understanding the Documentation System for compliance.

·         Corrective and Preventive Action.

·         How to synergize your QMS with your EMS



·         Persons interested in learning about the ISO14001 Environmental Management System and its requirements

·         Persons investigating ISO14001 Management Systems

·         New stakeholders at ISO14001 registered organizations

·         Persons involved with implementing an EMS

·         Quality-QMS auditors that want to learn the requirements of the ISO14001 system

·         Anyone interested in understanding the ISO14001 system


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www.TrainingForQuality.com QAI Training LLC
5665 N. Post Road Suite 200
Indianapolis, IN 46216



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