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About the Course

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This program certified in the competency based training program
Students can earn OHS competency credit

The OHS Champion class is designed for persons that already have auditing experience with other ISO Management Systems.  The pace of this class is intentionally stretched to a comfortable 12-14-hours of training time so that we can help students to know and understand this new management system. The comfortable learning pace allows students and instructors the chance to engage, interact, to ask-and-answer questions in an environment that is conducive to a thorough understanding the intent of the OHSAS 18000.

Who Should Attend?

  • Management team members new to ISO
  • New managers and team members
  • Business owners and Managers investigating ISO18001 for their business.
  • Internal and Lead Auditors that want to improve their understanding of this Safety Management System
  • Persons wanting to become familiar with OHSAS
  • EMS and QMS Auditors that want to learn about the OHSAS18000
  • Anyone wanting to learn more about OHSAS and Z-10

Course Hours:  8a-5p daily

Course Objectives: 

  • Create successful graduates that have demonstrated competency in the area of Safety Management Systems.
  • Make students aware of the new structure of the standard.
  • Make students aware of the intent of this new system 
  • Learn about the continued ISO emphasis on top management commitment and responsibility.
  • Understand the process model 
  • Understand the affect on you, your business, and your QMS and EMS system 
  • Understand the Planning and Documentation needs of the new standard in order to better plan for resource allocation.
  • Understand the objective evidence needed to show conformance and effectiveness of the OHSAS18000 Management System

Course Agenda:

  • Brief history of the ISO series of standards and how this management system came about
  • Understand the financial impact of ISO systems and how to convert ISO systems into a dollar and cents language for your company
  • A comfortably paced and detailed discussion of the clauses that comprise the OHSAS 18001
  • Detailed discussion of the changes and intent of changes 
  • Discussion of the process model 
  • Discussion of the required and 'Implied to be required' procedures. 
  • What auditors will look for? How the audit will be performed.
  • How to create best practice systems that represent the evolution of the ISO management systems.

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