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About the Course

ISO 9001-2015 and ISO14001-2015 Internal Auditor training

A 2-day, 16-hour training session. 
Currently available as an onsite training class only 


·         Coach students to be able to read, interpret, and apply the requirements in the standard to your QMS-EMS system

·         Teach students how to utilize the standard as a reference

·         Provide trainee’s the opportunity to practice auditing and to improve audit in a controlled environment

·         Learn how to properly plan for an audit

·         Learn to conduct a true process audit

·         Learn the right kinds of questions to ask to get results

·         Learn the right questions to ask in certain audit situations

·         How to determine if there is an audit nonconformity

·         How to properly write audit nonconformities

·         How to write nonconformities so that management can and will want to take action

·         Train students to become effective auditors

The best defense against external audit findings is an excellent internal audit program with effective internal auditors.

Any organization with blended ISO systems find that having not only qualified but effective auditors that can follow the process audit trail in more than more than one management system is a necessity. Always limited resources become even more effective. Feedback about system interaction is improved so that the systems don't operate independently of each other. Internal Auditor feedback is essential to the success of the blended system. 

Beginning with the ISO9001-2015 and ISO14001-2015 standards, ISO created the High Level System (HLS) approach to creating new management system standards.  This new approach makes teaching and training easier for both students and instructors because the requirements are structured in such a manner the common requirements between systems with different objectives are intentionally aligned in the standards.  

The High Level System basically is that the common requirements of a system are contained in clauses 4-5-6-7-9-10 of the standard.  Clause 8, called Operations, contains the requirements that make ISO 90001 a Quality management system and/or ISO14001 a management system for managing environmental results.  These clause 8 Operations requirements are referred to as sector specific requirements. 

This blended QMS and EMS training course creates auditors that are certified to conduct audits of your blended QMS-EMS system. 

Day one of the training:
The first day of training for internal auditors is dedicated to learning the requirements.  The requirements are in the standard. We'll demonstrate a unique method for reading and interpreting these technical documents from an auditor’s perspective and from a risk management perspective. These differing views drive graduates of QAI's internal auditor training session to have on-target feedback that inspire management to want to act on their audit findings. 

When we examine the two standards side-by-side, we’ll learn about the High Level System approach.  Then, we’ll move into the Quality and Environmental requirements found in clause 8. Students get the opportunity to apply newly learned information to case study videos and/or written case studies.  Instructors guide students to examining the evidence objectively and then applying the requirements to the evidence in order to make some audit determination.

Day two of the class:  Introduces students to process auditing.  We present graphic oriented instruction that makes learning about processes and process audits easy to grasp.  In the process auditing segment students learn how to plan and prepare for an audit in order to provide the best feedback. They'll learn to prepare a checklist of questions that will help guide their audit.  As always, we'll instruct them to be prepared to follow the audit trail wherever it leads. When nonconformities are discovered, we ensure that students document them properly and so that they can be acted upon. We’ll cover basic audit mechanics and some formalities not necessarily included in all internal audits like opening and closing meetings.  

Mock audits are conducted on day two of training.  Students get the chance to participate in six practice audit scenarios on day two of the class. The practice sessions help students to hone audit skills become audit veterans in a matter of hours. 

QAI instructors help students to make audit feedback mean dollars.  This approach helps to put the audit in perspective for managers and creates audit output that is in a language of competiveness and profits that management will have the necessary information to inspire them to act. That action helps demonstrate their commitment to the system but also drives the desire for more opportunities to improve.  Everyone likes that benefit. 

This 16-hour training session includes a detailed review of the two standards.  Six case studies are conducted on day one and six mock audit scenarios so that by the time students complete the 16-hour training session each has participated in at least 12 different audits.  The audit practice translates to audit experience... right in the class.  Experience translates into better audits for your company. Better audits create improvement opportunities for management to act upon.  Improvement opportunities presented from your QMS-EMS internal audit teams creates management and leadership buy-in.

As always, you'll get expert instruction and direction by one of our many certified auditors and qualified instructors

- ISO9001-2015 standard
-ISO14001-2015 standard
-QAI student workbook
-Certificate of attendance


-Persons working for organizations that have both ISO9001 & IS014001
-Previously trained internal auditors that need updated training
-Persons interested in becoming internal auditors for their organization
-Persons that want to become competent QMS & EMS auditors
-People that want to learn about process auditing in the new ISO management systems.

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"Very good training. Small group role plays were very beneficial."
-Mike Groh , , Sep 20 2017

"I thought the course was valuable to me as an orientation to ISO standards with a good, detailed review of how they overlap my responsibilities."
-Eric Geiger , , Sep 20 2017

"Good course. A lot of info for two days. Day 2 was better learning to the audit process."
-Jason Banter , Jul 26 2017

"I highly recommend QAI. This is my second time through audit training and I'm much more confident now. The class covers a lot of information in a short amount of time. Three days total would have been nice."
-Travis Lavy , Jul 26 2017

"Learned and understood more the material than I thoughy I would. Thanks to instructor for making it easy to follow and understand."
-Ava Rivera , Jul 6 2017

"I have had no previous exposure to auditing but the exercises were a big help in getting my feet wet"
-Thomas McKee , Mar 14 2017

"Very informative, instructor included a lot of relevant, personal experiences that added value to the course"
-Jennifer Dunbar , Mar 14 2017

"Second course I have had with Bob and I appreciated it just the same as last time. See you again next time."
-Joseph Hutton , Mar 14 2017

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