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ISO 45001 Champion QAI Training LLC
10 N. Van Buren Street Suite 100
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Nashville, IN 47448

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About the Course

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This program certified in the competency based training program 
Students can earn OHS competency credit

ISO 45001:2018 CHAMPION

Two-days, 8 a.m. -5 pm daily with no assigned homework

 Course Objectives:

  • Create competent system Champions for ISO 45001 management system
  • Help students understand the new High-Level System structure that simplifies implementation and management of the ISO systems
  • Learn about the requirements of ISO 45001
  • Help students understand and interpret requirements
  • Learn about the tools that are commonly used to meet requirements
  • Learn how to recognize when tools are effectively applied to meet requirements
  • Learn how to recognize the internal and external risks when application tools don’t work as intended
  • Learn about the risk requirements built into ISO standards
  • Help students to understand how to better build a system, how systems are designed to fit an organization instead of the other way around
  • Help students become integral members of the management team.
  • Help students help others to continually improve their Management Systems.
  • How to conduct Job Hazard Assessments
  • How to identify hazards, mitigate risks, and manage the improvement process
  • How to conduct system level risk analysis
  • Provide a training upgrade path for previously trained OHSAS 18001 auditors
  • Provide a training upgrade path for certified auditors that want to expand beyond QMS or EMS auditing


Competency based training:
This two-day training session is one of the certified training modules offered by QAI in competency based training programs. Students have the opportunity to earn the OHS credit. 

This course covers the requirements for management systems of the Occupational Health & Safety standard of ISO 45001.  It is designed for persons and organizations that have an OH&S system, that are considering expanding to implement an OH&S system, persons looking to get exposure to the ISO45001 standard, and for organizations that want to provide Champion level training for the stakeholders in their OH&S system.


Also available onsite in a non-competency based session for organizations not concerned with the testing that goes with competency based training.  Same great training without the testing.  

About the course:

Led by energetic, enthusiastic, and experienced internationally certified auditor’s, students get more than "slide readers" at all QAI training sessions. 

In the ISO 45001 Champion course, students receive real-world, professional know-how partnered with outstanding training materials.  You'll leave with handsome, durable, and professionally prepared student workbook that will not only display well in your knowledge center, but that you will find invaluable as a reference and resource long after the training class has ended. Additionally, you get the support of an ISO 9001 registered training company. 

Our Champion training course prepares stakeholders in the organization to actively participate in the leadership and management support roles for the OH&S system. 

The course includes a detailed review of the ISO 45001 standard. QAI’s Clause Training matrix is utilized to help Champions not only understand the requirements, but it also helps them to recognize the tools that are used to meet the requirements and how to recognize when the tools and methods are not meeting intended targets.  This helps in multiple including recognition of how current methods may already meet the needs or might need a subtle tweak in order to meet the requirements for an OH&S management system.  Then we point out how to recognize an effective application of the tools and methods. For every clause, we discuss the internal risks and possible system impact when these risk levels rise. Finally, we cross that bridge from internal to external so that we can discuss the impact on external parties when our internal risks begin to rise.  This detailed clause-by-clause breakdown and review makes Champions comfortable and more able to assist in their roles as OH&S Champions.



Additional workshop activities include hazard identification methods and techniques, and how to conduct a Job Hazard Analysis. We reinforce learning at each step with hands-on opportunities for students to demonstrate competency. The entire session is a learning process that is a progressive series of activities that build on each other. Students learn, practice applying learned information, demonstrate competency, and then we move to the next lesson.

Review sessions combined with Q&A sessions help solidify the knowledge base that is being established and become the launching point to the next activity.  Activities are combined into a student binder providing students the chance to see, and further study if they like, how each activity builds on the previous activity. 

Class hours are 8a-5p daily with no assigned homework!
Registration price includes your own copy of the standard which is distributed at the event.

  • Previously certified OHSAS 18001 auditors that want-need update credentials for auditor re-certification
  • QMS-EMS auditors that want to add OHS to their credentials
  • Persons that are stakeholders in the OHS system
  • People that want to learn about the new ISO 45001 system
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