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QAI Six Sigma Greenbelt training

Six Sigma Greenbelt Training With QAI, Six Sigma Greenbelt training includes eighty hours of course work broken into two week-long sessions. The first covers the basic introduction of Six Sigma theory and practice but still includes plenty of hands-on activities. After the first session of Six Sigma Green Belt Training, there is traditionally a two or three week break for the attendees to return to their normal work and absorb the theories they have been taught. The second session of Six Sigma Greenbelt training then prepares the students to begin the implementation of Six Sigma in their current projects. Essentially, Greenbelts are the backbone of any company's Six Sigma program because they carry out the lion's share of the day to day work. Six Sigma Greenbelt certification from QAI will prepare your employees to immediately start improving your bottom line!

Convenient Six Sigma Greenbelt certification classes

Six Sigma Greenbelt CertificationQAI conducts Six Sigma certification classes in cities throughout the United States. Six Sigma Classes are constantly being added to the schedule so the lineup should be checked often. Of course, there is also the option of on site sessions to allow your people to train privately with a QAI instructor. If attendees decide to later become Blackbelts, the cost of this training may be discounted (check with QAI for terms).

Blackbelt or Greenbelt training, Six Sigma is covered

Whether you need executive courses or Greenbelt training, Six Sigma instructional seminars from QAI will cover all of your needs. With classes available in dozens of cities or on site, QAI is convenient and the experienced instructors really teach the material instead of merely reading through the course manual. If your company needs Blackbelt, Yellowbelt or Greenbelt training, Six Sigma implementation begins with QAI course work.

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