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ISO 13485 auditor training options

ISO 13485 Auditor Training The ISO 13485 standard for medical devices and services is one of the many standards taught by qualified and experienced QAI instructors. Like so many of the QAI programs such as ISO 17025 auditor training and AS9100 training, ISO 13485 auditor training course work can be completed by attending one of the many QAI classes held across the United States or private on site instruction can be arranged for groups as small as six. Management Overview and Champion classes are available for managers that need to be familiar with the standards but whose duties will not include audits. ISO 13485 auditor training is available for both internal and lead auditor positions. QAI is able to provide all of the training your company will need to implement ISO 13485 practices and standards.

ISO 18001 lead auditor training

ISO 18001 Lead Auditor TrainingISO 18001 is not quite like any other ISO program. This important set of health and safety standards can be broadly applied to many industries. ISO 18001 lead auditor training from QAI will focus on real world examples and hands on audit related exercises to train your personnel to be ready to start designing impartial audits the minute they report back to the office. A sister course is offered for management who need to be well versed in ISO 18001 but will not be required to design or conduct audits. ISO 18001 lead auditor training is available in cities across the United States or as an on site program that will be limited to your personnel. Your company will benefit almost immediately from having competent and thorough QAI trained auditors on the job.

In addition to these great courses QAI offers training programs for a variety of standards and practices ranging from Six Sigma to ISO 16949. Practical instruction and experienced instructors are the foundation for all of the QAI programs, most of which are conveniently offered in cities throughout the continental United States or on site. Your company's people are only as good as their training and the best training is found with QAI.

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