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Series 9000 ISO training options

9000 ISO TrainingQAI strives to make Series 9000 ISO training as accessible as possible. Whether you are seeking introductory coursework or accredited lead auditor classes, QAI has the program you are seeking. By offering classes throughout the year in over sixty cities across the United States, there is sure to be a class in your vicinity. Even more convenient, on site Series 9000 ISO training is also available for groups up to one hundred.

ISO 9000 auditor training courses

ISO 9000 Auditor Training QAI offers several great ISO 9000 auditor training and ISO 9001 2000 auditing courses including:

  • QMS Lead
  • Internal Quality
  • Process Auditing and Leading Audit Teams
  • Audit Services

Any of these classes may be scheduled for private, on site sessions or pre-scheduled open classes may be attended. QAI's ISO 9000 auditor training classes are taught by experienced instructors who can draw on their real world knowledge to present the material in a useful and informative manner. Lectures, hands-on exercises and mock audits will be combined to insure that every ISO 9000 training seminar participant leaves with a firm grasp of the course material.

ISO 9000 lead auditor training class choices

QAI offers both accredited and non-accredited ISO 9000 lead auditor training class options. Although it may seem pointless to take a non-accredited class, the simple fact is that many people, such as managers, do not want or need to become auditors but do need to expand their ISO 9000 knowledge base. The lack of accreditation allows the course to be both shorter and cheaper than the accredited version. If the desire is to become an auditor, QAI's ISO 9000 lead auditor training class will prepare you with real world examples and realistic mock audits.

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