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Is quality ISO training on-line?

ISO Training On-lineMany companies contact QAI wondering if they can obtain quality ISO training on-line. Sadly, the answer is no. Although QAI offers on-line registration, pre and post class testing services and even video from instructors via the Internet, there is not a virtual replacement for good old fashioned live training. While you may not be able to receive ISO training on-line, QAI does make every effort to make ISO training courses as convenient as possible.

ISO internal auditor training locations

ISO Internal Auditor TrainingEach year, QAI offers hundreds ISO internal auditor training courses in locations across the United States. In 2007, ISO auditor training classes were held in over sixty cities from coast to coast. QAI is unable to hold open classes everywhere, but if there is not a course in your home town then there should be one nearby. The vast number of QAI training participants are able to drive to their course in a day. ISO internal audit training is critical to today's industry and QAI strives to make it easy as well as informative.

On site ISO internal audit training

In an effort to make quality ISO internal auditor training accessible to everyone, QAI also offers on site instruction. Now, groups of six to one hundred can enjoy the same high quality QAI training without leaving your facility. Not only does this cut out travel arrangements and expense reports, it keeps key personnel close to the office and allows them to return home to their families during education. Another great benefit of on site ISO internal audit training is that it allows your auditors to train together, which guarantees consistent instruction, promotes team building and eliminates the occasional annoyance of less than serious students from outside groups.

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