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Why Lean, Six Sigma training?

Lean Six Sigma TrainingIf you want to reduce the waste in your manufacturing processes, you want to implement Lean. Six Sigma training concentrates on streamlining your processes. The two used in conjunction are a perfect combination used by many companies to maximize profits and minimize costs, reaping increased customer value and satisfaction results along the way. Lean, Six Sigma training from QAI can put your company of the path to improvement in a matter of days.

On site Lean, Sigma training

Lean Sigma Training QAI is proud to present Lean training courses in over sixty cities spread throughout the United States. In an effort to make Lean, Sigma training even more convenient QAI even offers on site Lean and Six Sigma classes. There are a myriad of benefits to arranging on site training. First of all, none of your personnel will have to go through the hassles of travel and they will be available if needed during the training period. Perhaps more importantly, you are able to restrict the class to the personnel you choose which eliminates the problem of less serious attendees form other companies and helps build a sense of camaraderie. On site Lean, Sigma training from QAI is one of the best ways available to get your people quickly trained in these impressive methodologies.

Lean, Sigma Six and more

QAI offers Lean, Sigma Six and other great courses. ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004 and TS16469 classes are among the topics offered throughout the country and on site. Whether you need Lean, Sigma Six or auditor training to take your company and its processes and practices to the next level, QAI's master instructors will provide your people with the knowledge and skills they need.

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