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Subcontract trainers sought : experienced businesspersons only up to $1,000 per day

QAI is always active in the pursuit of additional instructors. QAI instructors are all certified QMS, EMS, or OHS auditors.  They generally start here when they find that they just audit too much, get tired of just finding problems, and generating paperwork: they want to help others to avoid common mistakes.  That is where QAI comes into play for them.

We are a national training organization that has successfully trained tens of thousands of individuals to become better auditors, stakeholders, and managers of certified management systems. We regularly conduct hundreds of planned public sessions and onsite training classes. Our customers include the world’s finest organizations both large and small.

Our staff of well trained instructors includes some of the country's most talented people that genuinely want to help others grasp how well implemented and well-maintained management systems can actually work to help make money for the business. 

QAI provides training services only.  We are not a provider of consulting or auditing services.   If you audit part time or even full time and are looking for a nice complement to your schedule, please contact the owner of QAI.

-Experience.  Relevant industry experience is required. 
-Certified QMS-EMS-or-OHS through Exemplar Global or IRCA. 
-Experienced entrepreneurs with an FEIN/FTID.  Sorry, but we just don't have time to hold hands helping new business persons to understand the rewards and risks of being in business for yourself.   
-Desire to be a professional speaker
-Desire to help others learn
-Ability to travel
-Ability to fund your own travel costs
-Ability to think on your feet and be an army of one
-Ability to manage your own schedules
-Ability to make your own decisions (good ones, preferably)
-Ability to help make learning about auditing interesting
-Ability to do a lot less paperwork than comes with an audit assignment
Who should apply:
-Entrepreneurs that manage their own schedule
-Entrepreneurs that are certified persons (QMS, EMS or OHS)
-Entrepreneurs that have been established and know how to manage their own cash flow
-Entrepreneurs that know how to make their own decisions, make their own coffee, schedule their own flights-rental cars-hotels (etc), pay their own bills, and generally be happy that their not stuck at a desk.
-Professionals that want to help others learn
-Professional public speakers
-Persons currently doing way too many audits
-Persons currently doing working as auditors for certification bodies as subcontractors
-Persons looking for more subcontracted work opportunities
-Semi-retired professionals that enjoy teaching and public speaking along with the opportunity to earn an income

Our current lineup:
Our instructors generally work a few days per month to several days per month.  

QAI pays daily subcontracted rates of up to one thousand dollars per day.  You will be paid net 30 and payment is made electronically. No check in the mail stuff here.

Our current group of instructors average more than six years of instruction time with QAI.  We have more than 200 years of collective and relevant work experience.  Our instructors have a range of 3.97 -4.98 on a 5 point scale for energetic and enthusiastic training instruction. 

What to do:
If you have relevant experience with ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, AS9100, OHSAS-OHS Management Systems, Problem Solving, Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Actions, are certified currently, AND are willing to devote a portion of your income producing schedule to training opportunities, then please contact me.  

Resume's are nice but most self-employed business persons don't have one or have the need for one.  Fire off an email and tell me you're interested.  If you're a registered auditor already, you know that I can find you at either of the two CB's to verify.  I would post my email address here but the spam-bots will harvest it and drive me bonkers.  Just call and ask for Craig's email address. Or, be resourceful and send it to the 'Admin' at this web address.  It'll get there. 


QAI is ISO9001 registered.

We don't just talk about it.

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