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About the Product

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ISO 9001-2015 Employee Awareness Training program

Includes training certificate for each employee that completes the training

The QAI ISO9001-2015 Employee Awareness training program is for entry level understanding of the new ISO9001 Quality Management System. The new revision of the ISO9001 requires higher levels of awareness training for all employees now. For registered organizations that are transitioning to this new version, the program includes discussion points about why and employee might be receiving this kind of training again when they may have had basic ISO training in the past. 

This online learning program is on target for any organization that is ISO9001 registered, about to be registered, or considering ISO9001 management systems. The level of discussion is on target for all levels of the organization, too, without getting into the weeds and without the loads of QMS jargon that turns off audiences.

The QAI approach to ISO9001 and training for ISO9001 is to use a common sense approach. We use terms, ideas, and concepts that anyone can understand without dumbing it down so much that the big boss won’t pay attention.

Designed as a standalone training program, the QAI employee awareness training course can also make a nice complement to any in-house training program.

What is included?

  • 41 minutes of video total
  • 7 video modules
    • 2:05 Introduction
    • 3:44 The history of Quality and how ISO evolved
    • 3:44 What ISO9001 is and what it is not
    • 9:32 The clauses of ISO9001 in general
    • 7:10 Processes and documentation
    • 7:21 Internal audits and external audits: Why internal audits matter
    • 7:02 Recognizing an effective system and wrap-up

  • Quiz-test for each module made up of True-False and Multiple Choice questions
    • Module use question banks which creates random questions and varying answer orders
      • Eliminates cheat sheets!
    • Employees that don’t achieve a passing score, can re-take the exam after re-watching the video learning for that particular module

  • Certificate of achievement for employees that pass all examinations. (audit evidence)
    • Employees that do not pass can re-take the training until a passing score is achieved

All employees should have some level of basic QMS awareness training. This training program is the answer to that training problem for you. Our ISO9001 Employee Awareness program hits all key topics to bring employees up to speed on very general ISO topics. Professionally scripted and beautifully animated with latest in computer graphics technologies. This program is visually appealing with high resolution graphics to help depict certain quality concepts, colorful, fast moving, and energetic with on target message to help you bring all employees in your organization up to speed. We created this program in such a way that you might even bring on some new stake holders, Champions, supporters, and volunteers that will want to aid in helping to develop improved programs that can deliver high levels of customer satisfaction at your organization.

Our 2008 version of Employee Awareness training was in use at thousands of organizations. QAI has been walking-the-talk as an ISO9001 registered training organization since 2002. We don’t just talk about ISO9001, we can do it too.

Ready to get started? Good, you’ll have instant access after you make your registration payment.

If you like what you see and would like to use this for training all of your employees, talk to us about quantity discounts and how you can distribute access to your employees.

Standardize your effort, spend less time, and deliver a consistent-reliable message by using this program to train all employees. It could be as easy as providing access to this site for all of your employees.

Think of how it could work in the future, too: 

Got a new hire? 

Step 1- Park new hire in front of the computer

Step 2 - come back in 45-60 minutes and send them on their way. 
Step 3 - rinse and repeat as often as necessary

Or provide them with an access code and ask them to bring a copy of their certificate to you when complete?

Need to train a large group? 
Buy X licenses. We’ll provide you access to distribute the codes. Employees create their own access by validating their email, creating a login, and off they go. Each person will receive the audit evidence (certificate) that you’ll need in your upcoming ISO9001-2015 audit.

Need training material to present to your employees? Buy it and play it in your conference room or training room. 

So, next time you spend an hour doing basic ISO9001 Employee Awareness training let us do most of the talking: you run a 5-minute-or-so intro, press the Play button and 40 minutes later you run a 5 minute wrap-up session to customize the content for your organization. Meeting adjourned! 

All in less than an hour and you looked good doing it. 
Deliver a consistent message time and time again and in exactly the same amount of time, every time.

Now available at QAI's all-new learning management center at

Anyone interested in learning about ISO9001-2015
Persons investigating ways to train all employees about ISO9001-2015

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QAI is ISO9001 registered.

We don't just talk about it.

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