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1-DVD TS16949 Employee Awareness training $795
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About the Product

This video training program is available for puchase and instant access at QAI’s on-demand video training website. 

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Never spend another hour doing TS16949 employee awareness training for your new hires again!  All employees should have some basic TS awareness training.  This program is the answer to that problem for you. With orders picking up and lots of new hires coming in the door, you can save a ton of your time: pop in a disk and go!

TS16949: 2009 update . With the 2009 release of the TS having been made, this is the perfect program to use to train and re-train employees about the Quality Management System. This program fits the bill there, too.

Sometimes, usually while you are conducting this training yourself, you have to question whether it is worth it to spend your time doing this kind of training. Then, when you do it, you have to wonder whether it is really sinking in and are you hitting the right points. This program hits a home run for you there, also.


This is basic TS-Quality Management Systems for dummies in a DVD program. Forget the clause-dot-clause jargon that just goes no where. You won’t hear clause talk  anywhere in this training program.  We use words that everyone can understand.  It is a common sense approach to describing a pretty common kind of management system. 


This 30+minute training program includes-

- A history of quality leading up to TS systems

- Why are we doing this?

- What is TS16949?

- Basic TS Requirements

- What TS16949 looks like

- An overview of the five major sections of  TS16949 in layman’s terms

- What happens in an audit

- Audit findings and continual improvement

- What it means to be TS16949 registered including getting registered and staying registered


This course works for training at all levels of the organization.  It is a great introduction to your team that may be considering whether to implement an TS16949 system.   

This is a great refresher program, too. Employees can always use a refresher and this program serves that need, too.

Got a new hire?
Step 1- Grab the disk

Step 2 - Park new hire in front of the computer or DVD player, hit play button
Step 3 - come back in 35 minutes, grab disk, and send them on their way. 
Step 4 - repeat as often as necessary or in groups as large as you like

Anyone that has to conduct employee awareness training
Companies that don’t have an employee awareness training program
Persons responsible for training new employees
Training Managers
Training Managers looking for complementary material for in-house programs
Personnel Managers
QMS Representatives that want to learn about EMS
Anyone that has stayed late at work playing catch up after spending the day conducting training

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