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Why Six Sigma Black Belt certification?

Six Sigma Black Belt CertificationSix Sigma Black Belt certification will save your company money and increase profits. An on staff Black Belt is able to oversee your company's Six Sigma efforts and coach Green Belts as they implement new methodology into their projects. Full time Black Belts often reduce overall costs by 7% of current net profits! Because implementing Six Sigma principles in your company is a massive readjustment of your corporate culture and a long term commitment. Black Belts are essential to a smooth transition because they are the on site support for your Green Belts out there in the trenches. Remember, through QAI the costs of Six Sigma Green Belt certification can often be deducted from Six Sigma Black Belt certification fees.

QAI leads Six Sigma Black Belt education providers

Six Sigma Black Belt Education ProvidersQAI realizes that there are many other Six Sigma Black Belt education providers out there. QAI is a leader in the education industry due to their use of real world examples and hands on activities. By using only senior level Black Belt and Master level instructors QAI is able to insure that their personnel bring practical experience to their sessions. Unlike other Six Sigma Black Belt education providers, QAI even has instructors available to come to the location of your choice and set up Six Sigma classes specifically for your organization!

Six Sigma saves companies millions of dollars and makes major advancements in customer satisfaction while improving relations. It can also be used in conjunction with compliance programs for even greater overall gains. Training one or more in house Black Belts will be a major step towards gaining the full advantages offered by Six Sigma implementation.

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