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Six Sigma Blackbelt training in your facility

Six Sigma Blackbelt Training

QAI is proud to offer on site Six Sigma Blackbelt training in addition to Six Sigma Greenbelt certification. One of the major disadvantages of traditional Six Sigma classes has been that fact that it is four full weeks, although not contiguous, of being away from the office and often away from home as well. Many firms, particularly those with prominent family first policies, find it difficult to ask for this sacrifice from their personnel while others are hamstrung by losing key people for four weeks in addition to vacation time and other necessary travel. With on site training, QAI has the perfect solution. In addition to keeping your people close to home and available if need in an emergency, training is limited to only your people. Less than serious seminar attendees from other corporations will never hamper your training again!

Six Sigma Blackbelt training will create employees who can focus on the implementation of Six Sigma methodology. They are key to reaping the cost saving benefits of Six Sigma because they will be able to assist Yellowbelt and Greenbelts as they incorporate the new methodologies into their projects. Blackbelts focus on executing Six Sigma projects so they are essential to gaining the full advantages of the Six Sigma ideology.

Whether on or off site, QAI's experts will train your personnel using real world examples and hands-on activities. They will also be able to draw from their own real world experiences. The result is that QAI instructors teach and do not merely regurgitate material from a course manual. Allow QAI to take over your corporate training and you will receive the finest instruction available.

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