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Six Sigma Black Belt training and beyond

Six Sigma Black Belt Training In addition to Six Sigma Black Belt training, QAI offers a wide range of industrial program courses. Lean Principles training, ISO 9001:2000 training and TS 16949 course work are just a few of the other types of training from QAI. By offering a variety of courses, QAI allows your firm to combine Six Sigma Black Belt training with other programs that will benefit your company. QAI strives to be the only industrial training partner your company ever needs for Six Sigma Blackbelt training and beyond.

Six Sigma training course options

Six Sigma Training CourseQAI is excited to offer several instructional course options to facilitate easy attendance. Of course, the most convenient option by far is to arrange for an on site training session led my own of our master instructors. Besides offering the advantage of keeping key personnel close to home and office, it also allows you the luxury of controlling the attendees. These private sessions are never ruined by representatives of other firms who are more interested in vacationing than learning. Of course, if on site training is not an option, QAI holds its Six Sigma classes all over the United States. In fact, QAI routinely schedules sessions in over sixty cities including:

  • Dallas
  • Des Moines
  • Orlando
  • Salt Lake City
  • San Diego
  • Saint Louis

By offering classes in cities all over the United States, QAI hopes to make it easier to attend these vital Six Sigma training course sessions that often last an entire week. Classes are regularly being added to the schedule, so be sure to search for classes your group needs often.

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