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Our schedule through the end of 2021 includes only
virtual training seminars.  Pick a seminar that fits
your schedule and preferred USA time zone

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Now available as virtual training sessions:
Virtual ISO 9001 Lead Auditor
Virtual ISO 9001 Internal Auditor

Virtual IATF 16949 Lead Auditor
Virtual IATF 16949 Internal Auditor 

Virtual blended ISO 45001 & ISO 14001 Lead Auditor
Virtual blended ISO 45001 & ISO 14001 Internal Auditor

Virtual ISO 45001 Lead Auditor
Virtual ISO 45001 Internal Auditor

Virtual AS 9100 Lead Auditor
Virtual AS 9100 Internal Auditor

Virtual ISO 14001 Lead Auditor
Virtual ISO 14001 Internal Auditor


We want to assure our students and customers that we are cognizant of current conditions caused by the spread of the coronavirus and are taking steps to continue to provide you with a safe learning experience.

Due to the pandemic, we are pivoting all of our training class options to live-instructor virtual training sessions and online, self-directed training which are available now.

We are not  offering any onsite in-person training to help further ensure everyone's safety.

We are thankful to our loyal customer base and we encourage all of our students to learn what steps to take to prevent the spread of this virus. 

For questions about in-person enrollment or our new online courses, please contact any member of our team or our CEO, Craig Deane, at (317) 202-9000 or by email to 

Stay healthy and in good spirits,

 The QAI Training team

PANDEMIC TEAM PRICING for virtual training

Pay for 2 persons in a virtual class
and get the 3rd seat for 

type in quantity of 3 when registering 
your free seat discount is automatically applied


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