The questions contained on this page are ones that we are asked frequently by our customers.  If your question is not found on this page, feel free to email your QAI customer service representative or call us at 317.202.9000. 


  1. How do I know the location for a seminar before I register?  The training venue information is only displayed after payment is made so long as the location has been determined.
  2. What if I have paid for a training class but the system indicates that 'location is to be determined?  Training locations are typically input into the online registration system about 4-5 weeks in advance for any class that is in confirmed go status.  All registered students are notified immediately by email when the information is uploaded.  This information also becomes available for online viewing by registered students.
  3. Is there a minimum number of registered students needed to conduct a class?  Yes.  The minimum number varies by class type and location.  A good estimated minimum is 8 students needed for a class to reach Confirmed Go status.
  4. The class that I want to register for indicates that the status is 'waiting'.  What does 'waiting' mean?  Most classes that are 30 or more days into the future are listed as 'waiting' status.  Go or No-Go decisions are generally made by QAI about 3-5 weeks prior to the start date of the class.  All registered students are notified immediately by email by the system when a Go or cancel decision has been made.
  5. What if I register for a class and it is cancelled?  All registered students are notified immediately by email of a cancellation decision.  Students have the option to elect a full refund or to reschedule to another location.
  6. How long are training certificates available?  Training certificates are available online for 3 years from class end date.  Certificates are automatically purged after that time period and are no longer available.
  7. Are Purchase Orders accepted?  Purchase orders are acceptable to begin the billing process, but a PO is not a form of final payment.  Checks, electronic funds transfers (EFT or ACH), and Discover, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards are accepted as final payments.  Many organizations are required to issue a PO in order to initiate a final payment. 
  8. Do I have to pay for a copy of my training certificate(s)?  No, students can download a PDF copy of a certificate for free for as long as it is available online.  Download and store in multiple locations for safe keeping and preservation.  TIP: send a copy to your home computer so that a backup is always available for personal use.   Printed copies of certificates are available for a fee of $25 per certificate.
  9. My email address has changed and I am unable to access my QAI account.  Just give us a call during business hours so that QAI personnel can verify account information.  Account access is dependent on the ability to answer basic account information.  Accounts and records that were disabled by dysfunctional email addresses may not be included in our systems records any longer.  Consider using work and professional email addresses rather than common personal systems like Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, EarthLink, or similar personal email address systems so that your QAI emails are not intercepted and returned to our system.  Returned emails may cause the account access to be disabled.  
  10. What is the cancellation policy? QAI cancellation policy is listed as a link at the bottom of every QAI webpage. 
  11. I have QAI Point Cards: how can I redeem them for free training?   Explore the Training Rewards page by clicking the link at the bottom of any QAI website page
  12. I need to cancel my registration for a class.  Can I do this online?  Yes.  Login using your QAI login.  Click on the upcoming classes folder.  Click the VIEW button-box next to your scheduled upcoming class.  On the next screen, click the 'cancel order' button-box.  Follow the on-screen directions from there to cancel the registration.  Any cancellation policy fees will be displayed on screen.  Orders placed by credit card will have a processing fee as per the cancellation policy. 
  13. Does my payment need to be received at QAI to receive a pre-payment discount or will a post-marked envelope count?  In order to receive a prepayment discount the actual payment by check or credit card does need to be received at QAI.

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