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Exemplar Global certified training in every QAI Lead Auditor course

ISO 9001-2015 Lead Auditor8-5p 4-days of training .  Exemplar Global certified training
This course is for those persons that want to audit entire business systems for conformance to requirements of the Standard, want to become certified QMS Auditors, or that may be involved in Supplier Quality Audits for your organization. We'll cover all the bases in this course to help you assess your system, or other, ISO management systems.  Available publicly and onsite. Accomplished in 4-days with no assigned homework. 

ISO 14001-2015 Lead Auditor8-5p 4-days of training .  Exemplar Global certified training
Includes an in-depth review of the new EMS standard, risk analysis, and aspect-impacts analysis.  Then we head into Process Auditing and team auditing and team leadership.  This course is right no target and has been for more than a decade.  Taught by experienced EMS practitioners and internationally recognized auditors. 

AS 9100 D Lead Auditor8-5p 4-days of training .  Exemplar Global certified training
We have an excellent means of comparing, contrasting and understanding the key differences from ISO9001-2015 to the AS9100-D with our QAI Clause Training Matrix format.  This learning and training tool makes it easy for people to read, and understand  technical documents like AS9100.  Then, the training matrix training helps you to make it easier to implement changes than ever before.  This course is for those persons that are in charge of the organizations' QMS, want to audit entire business systems for conformance to requirements of the Standard, or want to become certified QMS Auditors with Exemplar Global.

IATF 16949-2016 Lead Auditor : M-Th 8-5p + Friday 8a-noon.  Exemplar Global certified training
This awesome new training course from QAI makes it easy for system managers, lead auditors, SQA reps, and others to have all of the facts in just one place. The QAI Clause training matrix organizes the requirements of ISO9001, IATF16949, Customer Specific Requirements, and linkages to the Core Tools ALL-IN-ONE PLACE.  It rocks.  This class includes a detailed risk analysis training module.  It is now offered as a certified training class so that graduate candidates that successfully pass the examinations and are deemed competent can apply to Exemplar Global to become certified QMS auditors as required in the new IATF standard.  ALSO INCLUDES, how-to-audit the core tools, customer specific requirements, and testing for competency. 
 We'll cover all the bases in this course necessary to help you assess your system, or other, quality management systems.  Available publicly and onsite. Accomplished in 4.5 days with no assigned homework. 

New:  Blended ISO9001 & ISO14001 Lead AuditorM-Th 8-5p, Fri 8a-noon  4-.5 days of Exemplar Global certified training
We have an excellent blended presentation for those persons that have a blended EMS-QMS system.  Thanks to new High Level System architecture of all new ISO standards it has never been easier to learn about these two management systems.  Our High Level System format presentation in the QAI Clause Training Matrix format really makes training fun, easy, and hits home. Very limited offerings available. Check out the limited schedule in our blended systems sections of course offerings.

Champion training :  Available for ISO9001, ISO14001, AS9100, and IATF 16949
Great course to kick-start your transition investigation and for previously trained auditors
This course is for systems managers investigating the new revision and that are starting to plot their transition needs.  This course is also the course needed by QMS and EMS Auditors that want to transition lead auditor certificates or upgrade internal auditor certificates.  Anyone that wants to get a thorough understanding of the new requirements, how it impacts their current ISO Management System, how risk analysis is pervasive throughout the new standard, how to deploy effective risk analysis methods, how the new high-level structure helps integrated systems, and learn to deploy an EMS or QMS that can be audited.  Available publicly and onsite.

Internal Auditor   :  We've trained tens of thousands of internal auditors
Available for ISO9001, ISO14001, AS9100, and IATF 16949
Internal Auditors will need updated training under the new ISO Management Systems.  The many changes cause previously trained auditors to become obsolete.  If you have an assertive timetable to becoming registered to the updated management system and need newly trained internal auditors, QAI has you covered.  Available in public sessions all around the country and also as an onsite training class, now.  Call us so we can help you schedule an onsite training session.   Our IATF version includes OEM requirements and how-to-audit the core tools. 

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Make payment in February for any onsite training event except Problem Solving and we'll provide a $ 2,000 discount.

Onsite training can be more cost effective when: 

- You have a group of six of more trainees
- You want to eliminate travel expenses
- Having the training at your site fits everyone's normal work plans
- You want the training to be on your schedule, not ours

Save $1,000 on Problem Solving training in February

Any QAI courses can be conducted at your site

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The QAI price for onsite training includes all workbooks, copies of standards, and all instructor travel and living costs for MOST USA locations WHEN PAYMENT IS RECEIVED AT LEAST 30 OR MORE DAYS BEFORE PLANNED START DATE. 

Our price for onsite training is based upon receipt of payment at least 30 days before start date.  Training may be coordinated sooner but may have an additional fee to cover increased travel costs. 







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