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Problem Solving, Root Cause, & Corrective Actions

Problem Solving, Root Cause, & Corrective Actions

  • virtual training
  • Team: onsite or private virtual

8D Problem Solving, Root Cause and Corrective Actions An 8 hour training session : 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Course Objectives: How to identify a problem that is best solved by the 8D approach. How to write a problem statement that has just one problem. How to create an effective team. Learn about team and group dynamics. How to develop interim containment solutions to protect the customer. How to use popular quality tools to find root cause. How to find the single root cause. How to know when you have found the true root cause. What is an escape point and how to find it. How to analyze possible permanent corrective actions for effectiveness. How to apply a permanent corrective action. How to prevent recurrence. How to make this eight discipline problem solving method work a

Course Hours: 8
CEU Credit: 0.8