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ISO14001-2015 Internal Auditor

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Course Hours: 16

About the Course

ISO14001 Internal Auditor

2 Days, - 5 p.m.
Updated to include the recently published updates to the ISO 19011-2018 Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems 

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the evolution of Environmental activities that led to ISO14001.
  • Understand the management perspective of ISO14001.
  • Understand the financial impact of effective and ineffective EMS’s
  • Understand the requirements of ISO14001.
  • Be able to interpret ISO14001 standards from an auditor's point of view.
  • Create qualified internal auditors that can get below the surface and probe to provide good feedback about how well the Environmental Management System is working.
  • Develop, know, and understand the purpose of an ISO14001 internal auditing system that is based on the ISO 19011 auditing guidelines.
  • Understand the Process Approach.
  • Learn how to perform process audits.
  • Learn about aspect and impacts and how they function as part of the EMS.
  • Learn how to plan and prepare for an internal audits.
  • Learn what to look for in the company's documentation to help you audit.
  • Learning to follow the audit trail.
  • Know how to write the audit report.
  • Learn how to be objective.

Graduates of QAI's Internal Audit class will leave with actual audit experience.  Students will be prepared, ready, and confident in their abilities to conduct internal system audits after this instruction.  We strongly recommend that students have an internal audit scheduled for themselves upon the return to their facility so they can put into practice what they have learned.

About the course:

Students in this course receive a well rounded view of the ISO14001systems as a whole concept.  They'll learn about the history of environmental movements that led to the development of an internationally recognized system for Environmental Management.  We’ll review the documentation included in a typical EMS and the role that the documentation serves in the audit.  We’ll open the standard and teach the clause-by-clause specific requirements of the ISO14001 standard.  We’ll describe aspects and impacts and how to audit them. We’ll cover common misconceptions.  We’ll describe what to look for as an internal auditor.  We’ll provide auditors tips throughout.  Then we’ll discuss how to know if the system is working effectively.  We’ll talk in language that everyone can understand.

We’ll practice, practice and practice more.  We’ve designed a series of progressive learning, hands-on practice process auditing exercises that are designed by experienced auditors to help others learn. The student learns how to prepare for an audit. Students learn to develop process audit skills in a measured classroom approach that improves long-term results.  Students learn how to write effective audit reports.  A brief discussion of correction action concludes the course. 

Graduates will leave with experience in preparing for an audit and performing an audit. They will experience writing effective and objective audit reports that provide management the opportunity needed to make more effective corrective actions.

This course provides the chance to practice auditing with other individuals at similar skill levels (beginners and intermediates) in a controlled, classroom environment under the guidance of internationally certified auditors and course facilitators.  Students leave this course with actual audit experience.  They will have participated in 4-6 fun and interactive mock audit scenarios staged within the class.

We think this is the best class of its type available for those that really prefer to put their knowledge and skills to work. This is not a "lecture only" session.   It is 16-hours of multimedia instruction with lots of hands-on workshops. 

As always with all QAI classes, this class is taught by professional and internationally certified ISO auditors that have "been there, done it" many times. Training is a chance for experienced instructors to help by transferring acquired skills and knowledge to students that want to learn. 

  • Previously trained EMS auditors that need up to date training on the new ISO 14001 standard
  • Persons that need training in order to audit the EMS for their organization
  • People that want to learn about the Environmental Management System
  • QMS or OHS auditors that want to audit the EMS 

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ISO14001-2015 Internal Auditor
ISO14001-2015 Internal Auditor
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ISO14001-2015 Internal Auditor
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ISO14001-2015 Internal Auditor
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ISO14001-2015 Internal Auditor
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ISO14001-2015 Internal Auditor
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