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Core Tools Training for the Automotive Industry

3 Days, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Suppliers to the automotive industry know that Core Quality Tools is synonymous with Customer Specific Requirements. The Customers’ Specific Requirements include various degrees of twists and turns for requirements of the Core Quality Tools. Knowing the "ins and outs" of managing the Core Tools programs can make the difference between getting paid for a successful launch/revision or not getting paid. 

With downturns, shakeouts, and upticks in demand, many suppliers find themselves with the chance to train new employees to assist with the requirements of the Core Tools. 

QAI has created a 3-day training session that is taught by seasoned auto industry professionals that covers the requirements of each of the core quality tools. There is much more than the requirements involved in these classes. There are "hands-on" workshops where students actually learn by doing. These workshops help the student understand how to complete the necessary paperwork and forms along with guidance and insights to make it easier to do the work required as well as the traps and pitfalls to avoid. The classes examine how the data from one tool is linked into other core tools.  

Almost all IATF 16949 auditors will be looking for evidence of training for employees that are contributing to core tools. This three day workshop is the perfect way to cover those bases. 

We start the class by describing the umbrella of APQP. Then the class progresses into each. A series of 4-5 hour workshops describe how to actually use the individual tool. Workshops provide hands-on opportunities to learn and practice by doing. The workshops are not just a bunch of disconnected activities because QAI has created a 3-day training case study that builds on itself as students work the project. 

We "connect the dots" for students. We show how the tools are related, how one connects to the other. We explore how a change in one discipline can, and likely will, cause a change in another.

Students will learn to setup and then conduct a hands-on GR&R in the session. We then use the results to learn more about the MSA function.  It is strongly suggested that students bring a device to class along with their favorite flavor of GR&R-Statistical software to use.  

Students will then launch the case study training project further by creating a process FMEA (pFMEA) using both the traditional FMEA approach and then a separate module to cover the new VDA FMEA approach.  Tips and pointers make it easier to understand for students so that they can more easily assimilate the information to others back at the plant. 

Basic SPC concepts are covered and case study examples are used to launch into the next step of the APQP process: completing the PPAP documentation for the case study submission project. 

We close the 3-days of training by circling back to the last phase of the APQP concept. There’s no time wasted in this three day, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. session. This is each of the core tools training sessions combined into one 3-day workshop.

This is a great training session that serves a large audience. It is productive for those just getting started and also those who have been working with customers and the core tools in a limited fashion. It is equally helpful to those considered "seasoned veterans". This is three days of fast-paced, hands-on learning that challenges, motivates and gives "real world" helpful tools. 

Each student will receive a certificate of attendance indicating training has been received in the Core Tools for the Auto Industry. The certificate will reference APQP, PPAP, MSA, SPC, FMEA and VDA FMEA training.

  • Persons working at automotive suppliers responsible for any portions of the APQP 
  • Persons responsible for VDA FMEA creation
  • Persons involved with the VDA FMEA creation
  • People involved in the PPAP process
  • Persons doing GR&R studies
  • IATF internal auditors
  • IATF 16949 Lead Auditors
  • People investigating Core Tools for their company
  • Automotive Suppliers that need more and better training
  •  Anyone that works with Automotive Customers
  •  Anyone that wants to work with Automotive Customers
  • Companies investigating IATF 16949
  • Anyone that is part of the PPAP submission process
  • Persons responsible for FMEA’s, FMEA updates, FMEA control
  • Quality Analysts
  • Quality Supervisors, managers, engineers
  • Automotive supplier management representatives
  • Persons new to the automotive industry
  •  Anyone that wants to learn about the Quality Programs that are used in the automotive industry to improve product quality and lower overall costs

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