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Virtual ISO 9001 Champion

About the Course
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  • Live instructor virtual training
  • Teams:Private Virtual Session
Course Hours: 15

About the Course

ISO 9001: 2015 Champion training
Two-days, 8a-4:30p daily
This is a detailed review of the ISO 9001:2015 requirements
and includes a risk management workshop
  • Learn to utilize the QAI Clause Training matrix to learn everything you need to know for each clause on a single page-screen
    • Complete clause-by-clause dissection of the ISO 9001 standard with tips and suggestions for system managers and auditors.
    • How to interpret and understand the requirements
    • Recognizing effective application of approaches to meeting requirements
    • Internal and external risks when tools stop working
  • To provide information for managers to assist with understanding the ISO 9001 and learn an approach for risk analysis in the standard.
  • Learn a method for risk analysis that is effective and helpful
  • Learn to navigate the digital information provided by QAI and available to you for one full year
The Champion course was designed for those that want to cover the requirements in its entirety with the emphasis on the requirements; not auditing. The requirements are the audit criteria. Knowing and understanding the audit criteria is the first step in becoming an auditor or lead auditor

Attendees of the Champion training tend to be system managers, process owners, and managers that may never audit but do participate in the success of the system. Attendees may also be students embarking on the two-step lead auditor training with the Champion being the first, required, step.

This training takes place at a comfortable pace making it more easily comprehensible and is spread out over two days.
Course Agenda:
  • Introduction to ISO 9001:2015
  • A clause-by-clause review of the standard
  • Discussion and suggestions, auditor tips, and recommendations for effective implementation
  • Required documented information
  • Risk Analysis workshop
  • Managing the audit program
  • Open forum Question and Answer Sessions
  • One full year of access to the materials used in the training
  • includes:
    • Our dynamic presentation materials
    • Downloadable PDF files to create your own hardcopy student book
    • Forms, records and other editable materials to modify for your usage
    • QAI Training videos
      Quizzes and training games
      Special self-paced learning modules, as they become available
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  • Process owners, stakeholders, supervisors, leaders
  • Anyone that works with customers that require a QMS of their suppliers
  • People that want to become a lead auditor but need-want to get training over separate sessions
  • Top management, management representatives
  • People investigating ISO 9001 
  • EMS or OHS auditors that want to expand to Quality 
  • Anyone that wants to learn every-single detail about the requirements of ISO 9001:2015
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