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Private OHS-EMS internal auditor training

About the Course
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Course Hours: 16

About the Course

Virtual ISO 45001 with ISO 14001 internal auditor training
offered virtually 8a - 5p in your chosen time zone
The course includes a detailed review of both ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 standards in a side-by-side detailed review. Students can easily see the similarities between the two systems.

The QAI Clause Training Matrix developed by QAI makes it easy for students to learn to break down technical documents and requirements, like the ISO standards. We cover what is required, common tools and methods used to meet requirements, how to know when the tools are working, and risks -internal and external when things aren't going as planned. This makes auditing, and planning for auditing easy, and is a method that can be applied to future technical endeavors as well.

Workshop case studies help students get hands-on reinforced learning. The scenarios help students to become more familiar with using the standard. Reference is included to the multiple best practice approaches.

Group case studies reinforce the learning process. Described in detail, they help to further familiarize students with the auditing requirements of these two standards.

This is a busy training session with lots of in-depth activities. A full Process Auditing workshop will help students to plan and conduct process audits. Students will use documentation from a mock company to practice auditing. By the time a student leaves this session, they will have participated in several practice audits and case studies. Students leave with experience and are ready to audit at the end of this training.

All students that attend satisfactorily will receive an attendance certificate
  • Create competent internal auditors for OHS and/or EMS systems
  • Help students understand and interpret the requirements from an auditor's perspective.
  • Help students understand how a system was designed, how systems are designed to fit an organization, and how to audit in order to help the systems to improve.
  • Help students become integral members and provide feedback needed by the system managers
  • Help students understand the need for competent audits to be performed in the market.
  • Help students competently assess a management system processes for conformance to requirements.
  • Help students improve their abilities to help an organization improve and capitalize on investments in these management systems.
  • Create qualified internal auditors that can probe to provide good feedback about how well the Management System is working.
  • Develop, know, and understand the purpose of an internal auditing system that is based on the ISO 19011 auditing guidelines.
  • Understand the Process Approach of ISO systems
  • Learn what a process audit is
  • Learn how to conduct a process audit
  • Learn how to plan and prepare for an internal audit
  • Learn the step-by-step details of a complete audit
  • Learn what to look when planning to conduct the audit
  • Learning to follow the audit trail
  • Discover how to write audit findings and reports that provide the necessary evidence to be acted upon
  • Learn how to be objective
  • Get audit experience in the safe confines of a training classroom environment
Students leave this course with hands-on auditing experience! Students will actively participate in multiple practice audits in this classroom training program Students learn by doing and the more they do it, the better they get each time.

Our progressive learning approach makes it easy for students to grasp new ideas, information and knowledge so that they can apply it in their next practice audit so that their performance feels smooth and polished when they conduct their audits at your organization.

Training materials and ISO standards: Effective January 1, 2022

1) Students will be provided with access to online training materials rather than receive a binder of printed material.
2) A paper copy of the standard is not provided. It will be beneficial to have a copy for the training.
PDF copies can be purchased at many online locations and with immediate download.

About competency-based training
Competency based training is learning by doing. This is not just lecture: even in our virtual training sessions there are hours and hours of hands-on activities and practice activities to help make auditing easier and practical. This help make the training enjoyable, easy to learn, go by quickly, challenging, but fun.

Students get results that are measurable because competency training is based on your ability to demonstrate that you can effectively perform certain audit tasks.

Multiple examination of competency proving activities take place several times each day. Students receive feedback and guidance in each competency proving examination activity. The feedback and guidance help make certain that students not only understand the material but are able to apply it in their job.

The multiple examinations help instructors assure that a student understands and grasps the material. Instructors can then provide tailored guidance to help the student understand any gaps that may not have been closed to that point. Instructors like this format too because they get feedback along the way about how well they are transferring critical knowledge. It is a blend that works for everyone.

Reassessing and re-guiding from an instructor with "real world" experiences helps to improve confidence in abilities, helps in applying the newly learned information, and improves your competence.
About our instructors
With energetic, enthusiastic, and experienced internationally certified auditors as instructors, students get more than "slide readers" at all QAI training sessions. In this QAI Lead Auditor course, students get real-world, professional know-how partnered with outstanding training materials.
About the virtual training
Virtual training is conducted in the time zone listed. In order for the virtual training to be interactive, like our in-person sessions always were, we use multiple tools to accomplish collaboration and document sharing. This requires that a student have multiple browser windows open at the same time. There’s no way around this in the virtual world.

For instance, you will review an electronic copy of a process and you will complete an electronic form at the same time. That will require two-windows to be open at the same time. If you have two-monitors, it makes it far easier. It’s not required, but it certainly is helpful for the student.
Tools you will need, wish for, or want in a virtual training
  • A copy of the standard(s) for the training. This is not provided by QAI
  • Windows 10 operating system or better
  • A headset with microphone is STRONGLY Suggested
  • Dual Monitors is STRONGLY suggested (This definitely helps with the multiple browser windows)
  • Ability to access QAI’s SharePoint folders and sites for the training
  • Training usually takes place in a quiet area. Please join from a quiet space (another reason for a headset)
After you register for a virtual training session
  • Registered students will receive an email from QAI to verify their readiness for the virtual training
  • Once the student completes the training readiness quiz, they will be accepted into the training roster.
  • The training starts at 8a. Students can join up to the 30-minutes prior to the start time just to ensure there are no connectivity issues.
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  • New or entry level auditors
  • Persons interested in becoming  OHS or EMS  Internal Auditors
  • Persons interested in learning how to perform a process audit
  • Previously trained auditors that are seeking to improve their performance as internal auditors
  • Auditors that can use hands on audit practice
  • Internal auditors that were trained to other ISO Management Systems
  • Managers and supervisors that might never perform an audit but could use some help on how to be a better auditee
  • Employees seeking to enhance their qualifications to climb the company ladder
  • Persons considering entering the marketplace as internal auditors
  • Anyone interested in learning about International Management Systems
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