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IATF 16949 Lead Auditor | in-person

About the Course
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  • Teams: onsite or Private Virtual Session
  • in-person training
Course Hours: 38

About the Course

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This program certified in the competency based training program
Students can earn the QMS, AU and TL competency credits

In-person training session:  l
aptop required

IATF 16949:2016 Lead Auditor with OEM Requirements and how-to-audit the Core Tools
Course Hours:  8a-5p daily

Includes a detailed review of ISO 9001:2015 and the IATF 16949:2016 standards. Copies of each standard are also included with your registration fee.

Course Objectives:

·         Teach and train the skills needed to be a Lead Auditor in the Automotive Industry including the additional requirements of:
1) OEM customer specific requirements
2) how-to-audit the Core Quality Tools

·         Help students learn about the new high level structure used in ISO9001-2015 and now embedded in IATF 16949-2016

·         Show students an easy to use method to more easily understand technical documents like IATF 16949-2016

·         Help students learn about the new requirements in IATF 16949 so that they can transition their current QMS to meet new requirements

·         Help students to learn about the specific changes made in IATF 16949 that will impact them now

·         Help students understand the transition timeline

·         Help students to know current OEM requirements and how and where to find information about changes made to OEM requirements

·         Help students understand how to audit the core tools used in the current QMS

QAI has trained thousands of Automotive lead auditors going all the way back to QS9000 days. Our industry experts help you through the critical understanding of what you need to know to be a Lead Auditor but also to help you understand the new QMS from a practitioner's perspective, too.  Most of our customers fit that role: they're actively involved of the management of the system and also participate occasionally as auditor.  With QAI Training you not only meeting industry specific requirements but you'll learn by doing. 

About the Course:  Laptop required

This Lead Auditor training course that includes Customer Specific Requirements and Core Tools training.

Every auditor training class has a review of the requirements.  It is, most likely, the least exciting part of every training class that you attend, but QAI has a trick up our sleeve for our students because we’ve turned a mundane practice of death by slide show into a learning experience.  We will show you an easy to learn, easy to use method for breaking down technical documents like the new IATF spec or any other technical document. Our expert instructors will convert the technical document to layman's terms that everyone can understand.  This makes it easier for you when you return to work after playing catchup so that you can more easily assimilate what you learned in class.  It also makes it easy to review the IATF 16949-2016 when you are forced to review it again as we all are from time-to-time.

This comprehensive training course includes a complete and thorough review of the automotive industry's IATF 16949-2016 specification with tips and hints for successful auditing.

OEM Customer Requirements: Meeting customer requirements is a requirement of any 16949 implementations.  We've constructed an auditors' guide and have included a review of the North American OEM Customer Specific Requirements as part of this Lead Auditor course. This section helps auditors become specifically aware of the auditing outcomes expected by the OEM customers.

Core Quality Tools. If making customer requirements a part of the standard without specifically listing the specific requirements within the standard seems crafty to you, consider this: how about the fact that meeting specific requirements of any North American OEM means that a 16949 QMS auditor should be able to process audit a completed PPAP submission?

Our core quality tools module is a training course within a course that will help you to accomplish that goal and more. We do this with a series of learning workshops that help you build the audit trail of inter-relationships that exist between APQP, Control Plans, PPAP, FMEA, SPC, and MSA, and the IATF 16949. You'll get an auditor's perspective so that your audits are informed and knowledgeable audits of the interrelationships of the IATF 16949, Customer Requirements, and the Core Quality tools.

Process auditing: The need hasn't changed.  Our workshop activities are designed to help you understand what we have been teaching for years.  We'll build and then strengthen your ability to assess a complete IATF 16949 QMS system and its conformance to the IATF 16949 requirements.  You'll understand the process of inputs-and-outputs from an IATF perspective. You'll review and use industry suggested methods and techniques of COPs, MOPs, SOPs, Turtle Diagrams and other commonly used approaches that have evolved from the use of process auditing.

We'll build your skills so that you'll effectively be able to make transitioning smooth. You'll get the most information possible from your audits to help your company improve and continue to meet requirements.

Our case study activities were designed to dramatize common QMS land-mines and showcase the increased need for customer satisfaction, continual improvement and risk mitigation.

Group case studies, with mock auditing, will reinforce learning the process auditing model. The case study helps to familiarize you with the customer oriented process auditing process that the North American OEM's are pushing registrars to perform at your facilities. Process auditing is taught through a progressive series of fun and interactive mock auditing exercises. You'll leave the class having conducted 3-6 practice audits including a complete facility audit. 

Students end the course conducting an assessment of the case study facility and making a recommendation on registration. 

Experience:  You will leave this course with "hands-on process auditing experience". Each student will have worked with a small team to assess a complete QMS.  You will have participated in case studies so that you don't make some common, fundamental transition errors.  You will have had at least one complete day of hands-on process auditing activities.  You will have received the absolute highest quality training available for Automotive QMS Lead Auditors available outside of the IATF sponsored auditor training program.

A final examination is offered to all students successfully completing the participation portion of the course.

Great training, good price. You will get great training, a professional and certified auditor as an instructor, an outstanding student book, and sales and service from an ISO9001 registered company, and all of this at an unbelievable price if you can plan ahead and pay ahead. 

QAI's instructors for the automotive industry classes receive industry specific training several times each year.  This training ensures that our students not only get the latest information pertaining to the fast changing, aggressive automotive industry - but that you get a trainer that is more than "just familiar" with your industry.  You'll get the best automotive industry training available for mere mortals.

Successful completion of training: Students that successfully complete this course will pass a series of competency assessments, evaluations, and examinations that will lead to certification by QAI as a competent auditor. 

This course is not affiliated with the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) auditor accreditation program. 

This is a comprehensive Automotive Industry QMS Lead Auditor Training Course led by QAI’s expert staff of professional, certified QMS Auditors.


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-Persons in the automotive industry that need to learn about the new QMS
-Previously trained TS 16949 auditors that need upgrade training 
- Team members responsible for transitioning to the new IATF 16949 QMS 
- Persons interested in conducting supplier audits
- Anyone interested in learning about the new requirements of the automotive industry
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