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Problem Solving, Root Cause, & Corrective Actions QAI Training LLC
10 N. Van Buren Street Suite 100
P.O. Box 372
Nashville, IN 47448

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Course Hours: 8      

About the Course

 Problem Solving, Root Cause and Corrective Actions

8 hrs, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Course Objectives:

  • How to identify a problem that is best solved by the 8D approach.
  • How to write a problem statement that has just one problem.
  • How to create an effective team.
  • Learn about team and group dynamics.
  • How to develop interim containment solutions to protect the customer.
  • How to use popular quality tools to find root cause.
  • How to find the single root cause.
  • How to know when you have found the true root cause.
  • What is an escape point and how to find it.
  • How to analyze possible permanent corrective actions for effectiveness.
  • How to apply a permanent corrective action.
  • How to prevent recurrence.
  • How to make this eight discipline problem solving method work as a structured, disciplined system in your business.

About the course:

This eight hour training session, uses a simple step-by-step approach to learning about and learning how to conduct a problem solving event.  8D is a sequential problem solving process:  start at step 1 and progress to step 8.  This is the exact same approach that you would conduct your problem solving event.   Our training approach matches the 8D sequence exactly.  For each step of the 8D, we introduce students to the topic by watching the QAI Problem Solving training video.  Our instructor will then walk students through the activities that take place in that particular step of the 8D.  A discussion is instigated about how the real world encroaches and how things actually tend to occur.  Then students get a chance to apply what was just learned to a real 8D event that takes place at every training session by using the QAI Case Study workbook. 

We repeat that sequence for each step of the 8D process: watch introductory video, review slides that describe activities that occur at each step of the 8D, discuss practical real world applications, and then apply the knowledge and gain experience by working the case study workbook. The sequence is repeated for each step. 

At the end of 8 hours students leave having not only learned what to do in a problem solving event, but already worked and solved a problem using the 8D process. Each student receives a certificate of attendance and a hefty and professional QAI binder to have as a reference guide. They have their own completed case study workbook to review in future events that shows how they accomplished each step of the process previously. 

This is an on-target class for all ranges of problem solvers.  Beginners and newbies get to learn by doing.  Practiced problem solvers get a chance to work the classroom case study while receiving a refresher perspective on problem solving.   And parties interested in problem solving training materials for their employees can also see the class in action when considering the purchase of the QAI Problem Solving Training Kit. This kit includes everything that we used to teach the students. 

The Eight Discipline approach is a team based problem solving system used when problems are too complex for just a single person to solve.  This structured methodology is based on the following disciplines which are applied sequentially to any problem solving event: 

  1. Establish the team.
  2. Describe the problem.
  3. Develop an interim containment action.
  4. Define/verify the root cause.
  5. Select and verify the permanent corrective action.
  6. Implement/validate the permanent corrective action.
  7. Prevent recurrence.
  8. Recognize the team.

In this training class, we show students how to use, understand, and apply commonly used problem solving tools.  The tools help students learn to filter possible causes of the problem all the way down to the root cause.

  • Fishbone - Cause and Effect - Ishikawa diagrams
  • Pareto Analysis
  • Trend charts
  • Histogram and Tally Sheets
  • Effect and Cause diagrams
  • Repeated Why
     - Sometimes called the 5-Why
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Is- Is Not analysis
  • Timeline Analysis
  • Prioritization matrix
  • Issue tree
  • Swim lane analysis
  • Process flow diagrams
  • Developing an action plan
  • RASIC matrix for planning

Using the tools above helps students to find the true root cause.  In addition, practicing to use the various tools helps students to find the tools that are easiest for them or that work best under certain conditions.   We'll teach how to know when they’ve been able to find the single root cause of the problem.

Once a root cause has been determined, we'll begin teaching how to create a list of possible permanent corrective actions and present that to the project Champion.  During the implementation of the corrective action, we teach how to verify and then to validate that the chosen corrective action is indeed a permanent corrective solution to the problem. 

We'll talk about preventing recurrence.  We'll even talk about why recurrence occurs and how you can prevent that from happening at your organization.

Finally, we recognize that the team is important, not only for now but for the future. It is the company’s chance to identify future leaders within the organization.

In the class, we'll close the corrective action and document the lessons learned for possible future usage. 

Students will learn with the high level video introduction to each topic.  The instructor discusses activities that occur in the step utilizing our high quality slide deck.  Active class discussions occur for each step.  Then students apply them using the case study.

It is a perfectly paced class that allows students the chance to learn, begin to understand, apply knowledge, and gain experience. They leave feeling comfortable with the step-by-step approach to solving problems. They also have a high quality QAI binder of material to have as a future reference guide. With their own completed version of the case study workbook, they have a handy reference to use in their own in-house problem solving events.

Students receive expert instruction by industry veterans.  As always, you're backed by the quality that QAI customers have come to expect from our ISO9001 registered company.

Certificate of attendance is issued for all students that participate in the class for a minimum required amount of time.   

  • Leaders that are entrusted to solve problems
  • People that communicate with customers
  • Supervisors and managers
  • Anyone involved with fixing problems that are caused by process changes
  • Quality Systems managers
  • C.I. Managers
  • Corporate trainers and training managers
  • Any supplier that is already involved in 8D Problem Solving
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"Mike was well prepared, concise in his delivery, answered questions and promoted discussion."
-Nic Rademaker , , Sep 28 2017

"Information was very clear and precise, easy to follow."
-Jason Winch , , Sep 27 2017

"The group brainstorming activities are very helpful for putting material into applicable situations."
-Karyn Mattern , , Sep 27 2017

"Bob was a fantastic instructor. He gave great examples that allowed us to understand things in our work environment. Very relatable."
-Jeanette Cullerton , , Sep 21 2017

"Very value added information that will be a very useful resource for me in our organization."
-Glenn Whitecotton , , Sep 21 2017

"This problem solving course was a very thorough simple approach that anyone can apply."
-Terry Spalding , , Sep 21 2017

"Helpful and easy to understand even for new people in this process"
-Mayte Medina , , Sep 21 2017

"Great course lots of helpful information"
-Thomas B Leppert , Apr 4 2017

"Easy to follow class"
-Josh Sexton , Apr 3 2017

"Very useful class and helpful when learning how to approach different issues."
-Travis Mann , Apr 3 2017

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