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About QAI

Welcome to QAI Training LLC

Welcome to QAI Training LLC

QAI has become a leading source of publicly scheduled training for conformance to quality, environmental and health and safety standards. Tens of thousands of professionals have gained valuable technical skills training and hands-on practical experience from QAI. Our comfortable pricing schedules afford the opportunity to save money by securing and paying for your seat early. The farther in advance that you make your payment for training the more you'll save on your QAI training course.

During the pandemic, QAI pivoted to all virtual training, and we stayed there. We also introduced a new team pricing for virtual training that makes it easier and less costly to train small teams.  It's easy to see how you get more for less with QAI.

  • Live-instructor virtual training sessions
  • Publicly scheduled training classes for 1 or more persons
  • Affordable Private Virtual Training
  • Discounts always available when you can plan ahead and pay ahead
  • Our customers represent the best organizations in the world. 
  • Our Continual Improvement efforts shows in our products and services and the customer's that we keep.

We are an American company with American-made products and services.