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Our cancellation policy represents years of refinement and commitments made solely to preserve scheduled training for those students that have registered to attend a training class 

Our Policy for Cancellations: Virtual Training classes

We cancel on you

Commitment #1 to you:  It is our intention to hold every scheduled QAI Training Class.

Commitment #2 to you: Reasonable Notification for Cancellation: Your time is valuable.  You will be provided no less than 2 weeks cancellation notice in the event that a training session is cancelled. No last-minute cancellations and last-minute planning on your part because a training company didn't do their part.

When you register for a training class, we understand that you are blocking anywhere from one-to-five valuable workdays from your calendar. You don't want to lose those days.  If a QAI training class is cancelled, you will be provided at least 2 weeks advance cancellation notice so that you can re-fill your schedule with valuable activities.

Commitment #3 to you: 100% Refund is your first option If we cancel the training course that you elected to attend; a refund is option #1 for you.  A prompt refund will be applied when requested.

Our business is training, and it shows.

You need to cancel on us:  for Virtual Training classes

Provide us with at least 31 days’ notice:  You provide us with at least 31 days’ notice of your need to cancel your registration and we'll provide you with a prompt refund less 10% credit card processing fees (if payment was made by credit card).  No questions asked and we'll look forward to catching up with you when the dust settles.

Provide us with 16-30 days’ notice: There is a 50% Cancellation Fee or send a replacement at no charge. 

Less than 16 days’ notice:  100% Cancellation Fee.  No refunds.  Last minute things happen all the time.  You can always send someone in your place and salvage the money that you or your organization has invested.

You want to switch participants?  No problems and No Charge. You can send a replacement at no charge, but you will be responsible for ensuring that the book that was shipped to the registered student makes its way to the new student. QAI will not ship a replacement book.

This policy does represent years of refinements and adjustments made solely to preserve the schedule for those students that have registered to attend a class and continue their commitment through the end of the class. 

QAI never varies from policy.